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Sally Hansen Colour Therapy
Sally Hansen Colour Therapy

Beauty Review - Review Standards

***Important information for all members***

It will come as no surprise that at Beauty Review we love reviews.  We love reading them, we love writing them.  What we don't love are reviews that are simply not useful or pertinent to the cause.

We reward members with Beauty Points for writing reviews, which can be spent in the Beauty Vault four times a year. We also send invites out to join trial teams for products every weekday, and upon completion of the trial members are credited with more points, as well as a free full sized product to keep.

Beauty Review is a free site - the only time we charge a fee is for the shipping of products from the Beauty Vault - and whilst we rely on our members to fill our database of products with reviews, we have to expect and maintain a strict set of review standards.  We make no apology for our Review Standards, nor our rigourous moderation process.

If you have little interest in reading or writing great quality reviews, then chances are Beauty Review isn't the site for you.  Yes, we give away a lot of free stuff - but we do this to reward members for their conduct on the site (ie submitting high standard reviews).  Just because you sign up, it doesn't indicate an entitlement to free products, and we think it's important to politely remind members of that.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email to beautycrew@beautyreview.co.nz