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About Me I love makeup! Still learning proper make up application (thank you BR for your hints, tips and tricks) and watching youtube tutorials. Though I am now more comfortable with my level of skill, not perfect but good enough for me. I love reading reviews, reviewing and trying out new products that hit the market.

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Overall rating:
11th May, 2018 at 8:06 pm
LUSH Purple Loosestrife Soap Review
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Surprising Layer

I received this in the recent Beauty Vault and was super excited to use it. First impressions were of the scent. Overpowering. I wasn't sure about using it after the smell but did find that while using in the shower, the smell became more suttle. It also lingered on the skin after showering which I found relaxing to go to bed to.

I saw the lavender decal on the front of the soap and automatically associated it with older women. However. this soap was designed for mum's so that might explain it. The decal was gone after the first wash which I found disappointing. There was a surprising gold glitter layer throughout the rest of the soap. I don't think it served a purpose other than to look pretty. And look pretty it did.

I didn't know that you could stand this soap up so have just been lying it flat like all other soaps. In saying that, I doubt it would have stood up for very long. I started using the soap on Monday and it will be finished when I use it tomorrow.

I found this soap to be highly moisturising with no need to moisturise after the shower which is super handy now that we are getting into colder weather.

For the price and duration of the product, I won't be purchasing. I just don't think it's worth it.

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I have tried only one other Lush soap and it lasted me atleast a month(using it as a body wash). It was very unexpected that this soap would only last 6 uses.

That's a shame, that soap smells divine and is the only thing in the Lush Mother's Day collection that appealed to me. I use Lush soaps for washing my hands instread of liquid soap and they usually last for months.

Thanks @MareeB!

Great review Tabucutie. The soap certainly looks very pretty :)

Overall rating:
13th October, 2017 at 9:55 pm
Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deodorant
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Feels nice but doesn't do what it is supposed to

Now I'm not a wiffy person and i try to use products that are friendly to my skin and as chemical free as possible. This is why I chose this product. I loved the smell when I applied it and it felt cool on my skin, but after about four hours i felt self conscious that I didn't smell like my normal clean professional self. It wasn't bad enough for anybody else to notice but it was enough for me to want to keep my arms by my side and jump in the shower at my first opportunity. I wouldn't mind but it wasn't even summer and I hadn't been to the gym. Its a shame as I have chosen to go back to my chemical roll on but smelling good for the whole day is important to me so that was my compromise, I guess I need to keep looking.

Tips: Might be ok for a couple of hours but only if you are sitting still

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I found similar results while using this product to. Have you tried Mitchum? They definitely work!

Overall rating:
6th February, 2018 at 11:19 am
Benefit BADgal Bang Review
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Mystery Mascara

Thank you BR for allowing me to trial this mystery mascara and I can't wait to know what the brand is.

This review is solely about the product and not the packaging because it was a mystery mascara the packaging was plain with no details.

My first thought was that the mascara looked extremely wet and my long lashes and wet mascara do not go together but I was quickly proved wrong as the mascara dried instantly on my lashes.

It has a long thin wand with short bristles on it. I hadn't used a wand like this before so was curious to see how it would work.

I very quickly realise that you need to wipe a lot of excess product off the wand before you apply to your lashes otherwise eyelashes stuck together due to too much product.

I very gently swiped the wand through my lashes in order to get a light coating but I felt that was all I needed. I did try two coats but felt it looked too heavy for my liking.

The staying power of this mascara is amazing! The longest I had it on was 12 hours and it looked like I had just applied it.

I tend to rub my eyes a lot and the mascara did not smear out onto my face which was appreciated and even though it has a huge saying power I found it quite easy to remove with my facial cleanser.

I think this is a great mascara once you find the best technique to apply for you and I would definitely recommend.

Tips: I have an eyelash comb that i gently use afterwards to separate any lashes of needed.

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This review was placed by a Trial Team member who was randomly selected to receive and review the product by Beauty Review. This review accurately reflects the individual's experience of the product and is not influenced by Beauty Review in any way.

Tweezers? I'll have to try that! I have an old wand I washed that does the job. Great review Sandy.

Yes tweezers work great for that :-)

Oh yup I have one of those and never use it. I usually use tweezers to separate my lashes, I find the tip really gets between the small hairs.

The whole thing is very small in size.

Tabucutie I purchased a make-up brush set many years ago off AliExpress and this was in it. I've always assumed it was a eyelash comb. one half of it is a very tiny plastic comb and the other half of it has bristles.

eyelash comb? never heard of it is it just a mascara wand that you purchase?

Overall rating:
30th September, 2017 at 2:27 pm
L'Oréal Paris Pure Clay Purity Regime Review
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Good but not the best duo out there

I was impressed with both of these products for not drying out my already very dry and sensitive skin. They did a great job of clearing up my t-zone - however i've suffered a hormonal zitout break which nothing seems to be working on.

The cleanser is lovely and soft - it doesn't dry your skin out despite containing clay and your skin feels lovely and supple afterwards. Preps your skin well for the rest of your skin care.

The mask doesn't take too long to dry and isn't hard to remove (meaning you don't need to scrub at your face for it) while I didn't notice much difference in my pores I did notice my t-zone not being as oily or gross.

Much like the reviewer below me I do wish they didn't test on animals. So it's unlikely i'll purchase these myself again but they are a fantastic well priced duo if you are in the market for a good clay cleanser and mask!

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Yep I can! Which I actually don't mind too much. It smells very "fresh" to me. At at least the scent doesn't linger. I love the mask as a spot treatment though it does work SO well.

Yes you definitely can!

Can you smell the Eucalyptus in it? I really despise that smell....

Overall rating:
19th September, 2017 at 11:52 am
Goodness Break-up Make-up Balm Review
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30% positive 70% negative

Received this as part of the recent Beauty Vault. I was so excited as I heard/seen people rave about it online. However I was underwhelmed.

This product comes in a little tin like pottle with a screw top lid. Aesthetically it looks really nice. Smells wonderful, organic like it is made with all natural ingredients. I like it, not overpowering.

Having since used it on a regular basis in the evening, I find I don't like scraping the product out with my nails. I have them semi long and the product gets underneath my nail I just don't like it.

Using the recommended amount (a finger nail size) I found it would wash off most of my make up not all of it (mascara). It was also really greasy, which I wasn't expecting. Didn't appreciate that. I found the product wouldn't come off no matter how much I washed my face and ended up using a facial scrub to remove the product completely. I found it annoying that I would have to have a second step in my make up removal process when I have used make up removal wipes, micellar water and they remove it all first time.

This probably seems mostly negative but it had some cool points. I thought it was so cool when it melted down in my hand, how clever is that changing substance. Also since there is 80ml of product I feel like this product will last me atleast 6 months if not longer. Being vegan ticks a big box, I love that in a product.

Overall, it's a shame I generally don't like it. It's not quick, it is greasy and does not remove all sorts of make up. This was a miss for me.

Tips: Does not remove easily, a facial scrub helps a lot to get this product off your face.

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I considered it but, i'll be honest I am lazy. I don't want to do any more steps than I have to. I just like a product to go on and come off with no hassles

Have you tried using a warm, damp face cloth to wipe the product off with? That's what I use and it works great!

Overall rating:
13th September, 2016 at 1:38 pm
Mitchum Roll on Deodorant Review
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Pretty Scents and Good Quality

I have recently discovered Mitchum deodorants and really like them so far! They don't test on animals which is fantastic, and they have some lovely scents too. I have found the size of the roll on to be perfect for dispersing the product. The deodorant dries quite quickly, lasts well throughout the day (doing typical indoor, office-type work and some light exericse) and doesn't leave any marks on the skin. Overall a great product which I will probably continue using!

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They don't test on animals! That is fantastic, I was trying to find a deodorant brand that doesn't and wasn't sure about this. So happy I purchased this.

Overall rating:
24th May, 2015 at 10:46 pm
Candle Crush Soy Candle Review
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Keep Calm it's Candle Crush time!

I love scented candles, the more the merrier, but often they're either over-priced or under-scented. Candle Crush is the perfect combination of quality candle at a price that doesn't make you want to hide your bank statements.

I made my first Candle Crush order right before Mother's Day after being so tempted by the Beauty Review trial but missing out myself. What could I do but pick up some delicious candles myself, the trial had sounded so good! Candle Crush was doing a Buy 3 get 1 free promo so I picked up one for my mum ("Totally Baked Banana Cake" of course!) and 3 for myself in the scents "Keep Calm and Caramel On", "Singing in the Rain" and "Smoking Hot Chocolate".

Firstly, LOVE the cute names, the stylish glass jar and printed labels. Each scent has it's own label that has an entertaining blurb and picture. To be honest I was a little disappointed by Hot Chocolate. The scent itself was a strong chocolatey fragrance, but it didn't appeal to me personally. I'm sure others would love it though! Singing in the Rain is a pretty floral scent that would be universally appealing, but my favourite so far is Keep Calm and Caramel on. I've been burning it almost every night, it's caramel deliciousness smells so good!

I find these really do fill a room with fragrance, unlike some inferior candles which end up being underwhelming. My Mum told me her Banana Cake candle was so good that her partner came in from the garage while she was burning it inside searching for pudding!

I'm completely sold on Candle Crush and will be repurchasing again. The website is easy to use and I received my order super-quick, so check them out and make your own order now!

Tips: Remember to trim the wick before each time you burn the candles.

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Just about to purchase my first candle and pretty keen on the Caramel one so hope it smells good!!!

Yay yay! Just ordered Keep Calm and Caramel On, so looking forward to it from reading this :)