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About Me Hey. My name is Jess and I am obsessed with makeup, skulls, horror movies, art, books, Batman, anything creepy or weird, animals, photography, music and urban exploring. I love learning about new products and new ways to express myself via makeup and beauty products. I have permanent resting b*tch face but I am friendly I promise! :p

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Overall rating:
19th May, 2016 at 7:19 pm
Lush Cup O Coffee Fresh Face Mask Review
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OMG the smell!

Usually I can deal with coffee smells - I like the smell of brewing coffee, coffee houses, coffee scrubs - so when Lush bought out a coffee face and body mask I was more than interested. Luckily, I got a sample in one of my orders, so I could try before I bought.

Good LORD. The smell!!!! I was warned by member Pintsize that the coffee mask smelled like cigarettes and she was not wrong! The smell of it is absolutely foul - or maybe my coffee palette isn't that refined. Either way, it smells rank.

The brown gloop is exactly that, and filled with little tiny chunks of coffee. I put some on after I had washed and exfoliated my face, and it went on easy enough, and 'dried' quickly, leaving the coffee granules stuck to my face.

This is the weird thing though - the awful ashtray smell had disappeared and was instead replaced with a weird musky cougar perfume smell. It was a bit over powering and I wasn't too impressed with it. But the results of the mask were awesome, and I would buy a small tub just for the lovely way it makes my skin feel.

Tips: This is also a body scrub so you can use it wherever you want!!

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Lmao this review made me laugh. I love it. I really want to try this - even if just to see what the smell is like hahahaha!

Overall rating:
9th July, 2015 at 10:50 am
Honevo Acne Review
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Ohai beautiful!

I was lucky enough to be involved in the initial research trialing of this product. After seeing the call put out for people to trial it for acne, and trialing so many things with no success, I gave it a go. And I must say I am super surprised at the results considering it's honey.. c'mon.. you eat it on your toast, not slather it on your face! This product is quite thick so I normally microwave it for 5 seconds just to thin it out and make it a better consistancy and apply a thin layer over my face after cleansing. I like to leave it on for as long as possible, normally around 60 minutes for the full effects. It just rinses off with warm water, and it leaves your skin feeling extremely soft and moisturised. I have noticed a reduction in acne since using this product and I love that it's such a natural alternative to some of the other acne treatments out there. This product is extremely sticky (it's honey.. obviously) so don't wear your best clothes when you're applying it! hehe. I would definitely reccommend this to anyone struggling with their acne, it's a great natural alternative, and honey is an antibacterial which is great for acne!

Tips: Use only a small amount, apply a very thin layer. Leave on for as long as possible!

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I recently bought the Honevo product for rosacea and am hoping that I have similar results to you with it! I like that it's natural as well. Your review gives me hope that it'll work :)

Overall rating:
27th November, 2015 at 2:07 pm
Bath and Body Works Velvet Sugar Triple Moisture Body Cream Review
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Bath and Body Works is a brand that is a bit of a hassle to get here in little old New Zealand. I was lucky enough to visit one on a recent trip the states but prior to that I found this on trademe.

The packaging for this is pret. It has a metallic finish and a super vibrant, pink design. The tube itself is huge and is super easy to squeeze product from. The lid is a screw top.

The smell of this is absolutely delicious. It smells like burned sugar and candy floss, it's divine. He product itself is white and melts easily into your skin. Because the scent is quite strong this does linger on your skin - which I like. If you are someone that doesn't like scented skin then keep away.

Because this is scented so heavily I thought perhaps it wouldn't be very moisturising. I was wrong. This is super buttery and moisturising - it's like a slightly lighter version of a body butter.

Overall I love this scent and the formula of the cream. It leaves my skin hydrated, smelling nice and doesn't leave me feeling greasy. I like this formula so much I bought 3 more tubes of it in LA! If you can I highly recommend getting a hold of one of these - if not this exact one.

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Macs I totally recommend trying any of this range! They had heaps on trademe yesterday :)

This sounds so good Jess.

Overall rating:
15th July, 2015 at 11:03 am
Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Perversion Review
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I love the names of UD's products and the name of this liner is awesome. I picked this up as I was looking for the perfect liner to help me with my eyeliner game. A friend in the states recommended this to me so in the cart it went.

I love that the packaging is super slim which makes this ideal for travel and storage. This is a brush applicator and oh man, the brush is the perfect size - it's super, super thin which is amazing for creating exact, crisp lines. The one thing I dislike about this is that I always assume the brush is at the other end of the liner for some reason lol. This isn't a major at all and the way this performs far outweighs this.

This is an extremely pigmented black. If Batman were to line his eyes, it would be with this. I don't need to go over my lines as one pass is incredibly opaque. The finish isn't matte - I wish it were, but this has a nice shine to it. If UD were to bring this out as a matte liner I would be all over it.

I never have any issues with smudging, bleeding or flaking. Once this is set it stays on until you remove it. You can also build this up if you like, and it doesn't seperate from itself or behave funnily.

Although this is expensive I would definitely purchase this again. When I am in the states later his year I am hoping to be able to pick a few of these up just because they really are amazing.

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Thank you! I presume you could but I've not tried it. The brush is super thin so I imagine it would get into your waterline with no problems :)

Great review, have been after a liner that will actually stay on my oily lids! Can you tightline with this one?

Overall rating:
17th June, 2015 at 10:50 am
Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks Review
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liquid perfection!

Ive been a fan of jefree stars since i was literally 12 years old, so when i found out he was releasing his own cosmetics line i was extremely excited!! I purchased all of mine from beauty bliss who have a great selection and amazing service.

I have 3 shades; Im Royalty , Unicorn Blood and weirdo. Im royalty is a beautiful blue toned purple that is very vibrant. Unicorn Blood is a deep brownish red its a very vampy/sexy colour. Weirdo is a gorgeous pigmented true black shade.

The packaging of this product is amazing! The lipstick comes in a bright pink box with stars on it. Inside is the tube which is a lot thicker than your normal liquid lipstick. The tube is clear so you can see the colour of the product inside and the top is bright pink with stars on it. I especially love the rose gold writing and patterns. They have a doe foot applicator which is very flexible. Making it even easier to apply .

Every shade i have is extremely pigmented,bold and vibrant. For a liquid to matte lipstick these arent as drying as some others ive tried and using a lip balm beforehand they are totally fine. These last amazing well through out the day even through eating or drinking. I've worn one for around 8 hours with no extra applications. The only time it started to wear off was after eating really greasy food. The worst thing i found with other liquid lipsticks ie. Lime Crime is that if it wore off re applying was not an option as the product would start to flake and crack and it was not buildable at all. Thankfully these lipsticks do not have that issue at all! they are easily buildable and never crack/flake.

Jefrees products are all vegan and cruelty free which is an added bonus especially for vegans :) There are so many other beautiful shades ranging from nudes to pink, reds and all the way up to black. I adore these lipsticks and plan on purchasing more in the future. I highly recommend these and i would say they are definitely worth the money

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Fantastic review!! I'm so excited after reading this as I just bought my first JS lipstick. Thanks for the through review and smoking my excitement:D

Overall rating:
6th July, 2015 at 10:12 pm
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation Review
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Holy Batman.

As someone who has dry skin, it's a constant struggle to find a foundation that hydrates my skin and doesn't emphasise dry patches. Up until winter hit, my NARS sheer glow fit the bill. But with winter my skin is even drier and that started to emphasise my dry patches.

Upon reading plenty or reviews on this foundation, I decided to take the plunge and try it. I have the shade NC25 which is the perfect shade on me. The formula of this is soooo beautiful. It is a gel foundation which feels really hydrating and comfortable on my skin.

I would say that this is a medium to full coverage foundation. I have applied this with both a brush and a beauty blender and love the finish with both of them. This is super build able so if the coverage isn't enough you can add more without any problems.

This is scent less and has a semi thick consistency. It blends easily into the skin and I haven't had any oxidisation whatsoever. This wears really well on me for 10 hours with no powder (I use a setting spray), although I have used the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette over this once and it lasted 13 hours before slight fading.

Because this is for normal to dry skin I am unsure how those with oily skin would find it. I haven't experienced any problems with it moving or shifting throughout the day. The finish on me is a perfect healthy, dewy finish which is what I covet in a foundation. If you like a matte finish then either stay away from this or set it with powder.

Lastly the packaging for this is awesome. Because it comes in a tube you can squeeze the right amount out and don't need to worry about buying a pump. I love that the tube is translucent so you can see how much product is left as well.

I looooove this foundation. This is a foundation I will definitely replace and I can see it entering holy grail status. Dry skinned ladies I definitely recommend it, it's wort every penny!

Tips: Keep your full size MAC empties to take part in back to MAC.

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

So glad you love this foundation! X

If you can get a sample of it I definitely recommend it. It's so good for dry skin!

am in the market for a high end foundation and havent had a sample of this one, will be now, winter has turned my normally combo/oily skin into combo/dry

Overall rating:
23rd February, 2015 at 8:55 pm
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation Review
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Perfection for dry skin

In search of a new foundation, Mac sprung to mind as a brand I needed to try based on reviews and the best foundation article on BR.

Also, it was about time to make a visit to a Mac store that's opened by me. Which is exciting, yet dangerous for the bank balance.

Having dry skin there were two that were recommended to me, mineralise foundation and studio sculpt, which the salesperson said might be my preference as it's more long wearing.

I use my Real Techniques brush to apply this and it gives a lovely dewy finish. The formula is a good consistency and I found it to be buildable, depending on the cover you like.

This formula is great for dry skin, as it gives my face hydration and feels lovely on my skin.

I like that this includes a SPF factor, as this is a definite positive for me.

Nc20 I was colour matched to, which is a perfect colour for me. I was impressed with how this was an exact colour match for me- I don't get that often with foundations!

This foundation is a winner for me, as it's a fuller coverage foundation that has great stayability.

This has quickly become one of my favourite foundations (nars sheer glow is my other). I love the finish of this foundation, natural yet covers imperfections so well. It's gives a perfect, lovely finish that is just everything I look for in a foundation.

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

That's great hun. Oh I hope you love this as much as I do! x I know, finding foundations for dry skin can be tricky. This one is so lovely and feels great on my dry skin.

Your review convinced me last night to take the plunge and try this. I can't wait for it to arrive - finding a foundation for dry skin is really tough.

Overall rating:
19th May, 2015 at 11:08 am
Essence of Fiji Papaya Body Scrub Review
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I can leave it!

I was super excited to see this in the vault, as I wanted to be on the trial team, and because it was my first vault I decided to get it. It arrived and my first impression was, dannnggg it's so small!

The product comes in a bag very similar to juice pouches found commonly in USA, only a bit bigger. The pouch is a beautiful dark teal kind of color with a white spout and teal cap at the top. Upon first smell I wasn't impressed. It's called a papaya scrub, so I assumed that would be the prominent smell - it's not, and I don't know what it is either.

I squeezed some out into my hand and the color is a very light brown and the product is very creamy, it looks a bit like icing. The bits are coconut shell, but sadly they aren't as rough as I would like, and when I'm in the shower it just feels like it does nothing. I don't feel like I've had a deep cleanse and the feeling it leaves afterwards is a little smooth, but I also feel like it's dried me out a bit.

While writing this review I had some sitting on my hand which I had rubbed in until the cream was practically rubbed in - and the results are far better than what I got using it in the shower, and the scrub part actually felt like it worked. I wouldn't repurchase this, not at the $45 price tag it's carrying, plus I know I can get a deeper clean with cheaper, and ultimately better scrubs.

Tips: Use on a dry body, rather than wet. Use just before a shower, and the results are far better, plus the scrub isn't melting down the drain.

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

I used it dry and it worked waaaaay better. I'm still on the fence about it though so I'm going to do it dry a few more times to see if my skin changes. Great tip!

Haha I hope it works better for you Jess - Though I've not seen any amazing changes using it either way :\

I never thought about using it dry! I've been disappointed with this so am going to try that and leave my review until after I have tried it dry, thanks so much for the tip!

Overall rating:
8th September, 2014 at 10:20 am
Sleek i Divine Eyeshadow Palette Ultra Matte V2 Review
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Great Drugstore Product.

I purchased this from as I wanted an all matte palette that wasn't going to cost me a lot of money. An all matte eyeshadow look is something I have admired for a while but never attempted, so I thought this palette would be ideal to try out the all matte look.

You get 12 shadows in the palette and a large mirror. The packaging is sleek (pun not intended), and feels sturdy but not overly heavy.

The shadows are all beautifully matte and the colours are as below;

Orbit - A deep blue/teal shade Ink - A deep inky navy blue Highness - A blueish bright purple shade. Noir - A deep black Dune - A sandy yellowish shade Pillow Talk - A very white colour Thunder - A stormy deep grey Maple - A beautiful deep maroon colour (this is one of my faves) Flesh - Resembles Dune but is slightly deeper and a more yellowish pink sand coloured shade Paper Bag (Love this name) - A deep cool brown Villain - A very dark, cool, almost black purple Fern - A true, cool green.

All of these shades swatch well on your arm and are pigmented when swatching. They feel soft but aren't extremely buttery like higher end matte shades.

Most of the shades are very easy to apply and blend, but I found the colours 'Flesh' and 'Ink' applied patchily on my lid - even when wearing eye primer. They are still useable but their patchiness requires a little more work on your behalf to make them look smooth on the lid.

All of these have amazing pigmentation for the price and maple is the most beautiful crease colour. They all blend with a little bit of work but aren't difficult - they just require a little more work than the matte shadows from a higher end brand like Stila.

When worn over primer (I haven't worn them without priming my eyes), these last all day and don't fade noticeably.

I really like this palette and - even though these are slightly harder t use than more expensive matte shades, I would recommend this. If you aren't prepared or confident in your blending skills though, I would suggest maybe you skip this until you feel more confident, as they are a little difficult to blend - so I wouldn't recommend this for beginners.

Overall I think the pigmentation is amazing, the colour range is interesting and I loooove that they are all matte.

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

I'm so glad you like it Sophie! I love all matte palettes :D

I've got it now and so funny coz Flesh and Ink are two of my faves! Flesh is my new go to crease shade. And I'm OBSESSED with Villan (they spelled it this way! Haha) and Paper Bag. Thanks again for your awesome review girl xx

Thanks Sophie, I hope you love it x

Thanks for such a thorough review! I am definitely going to get one now :)

Overall rating:
3rd May, 2015 at 7:44 pm
LASplash Cosmetics Studioshine Waterproof Lip Lustre Review
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Faline and Aurora

I recently went in with the lovely Farmers-Wife and ordered some of these amazing little gems.

The packaging is sleek and simple, a does foot applicator makes it easy to put the lipstick on smoothly. I think its important to use a lip scrub first - because liquid lipstick clings to any little dry bits. Exfoliate those off and make sure there's no residue, or it starts to break down the lipstick.

The formula is awesome...but odd. It starts off liquid obviously and then dries to a matte finish. But when testing it on my hand it felt sort of rubbery! It has a bit of a strange smell when you are first putting it on too, fortunately that doesn't stick around as that would really put me off.

What is most amazing is - they just don't budge!! While wearing Faline for over 6 hours I ate, drank, kissed the hubby, the kids and my newborn nieces little head - and NO transfer!! That's just incredible to me. What is more of a problem is getting it off!

Some of this range have glitter - Faline just has a nice sheen to it which I love. I really like the look of Evil Queen, but the glitter isn't something that I'm keen on.

There's absolutely no doubt that I will be buying more of these, I've fallen in love!

Tips: Coconut oil has helped me with removal. I put it on, let it sit for a little bit and then wipe it off...with a bit of effort. There is a remove that you can buy from LASplash - might have to try that :)

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

Oh my word! Faline is no joke it looks gorgeous on you!! I've added it to my list :-) along with Lovegood hehe. Thank you so much for that!

jessickaxnz - the other ranges don't have the sheen or glitters in them, there's a few that I thought would look gorgeous on you, especially Malevolent.

Koni I uploaded a pic, I think it does. Out of those two I would choose Faline, definitely. I got 2 others as well though - Lovegood and Latte Confession (from other types) and I really like them for more day to day use. :)

Fantastic review!! I have been anxiously waiting for a review on these as they look so gorgeous online. Although glitter isn't something that I like your review makes me want to try them, they sound beautiful!

Yay I've been waiting for a review on this :-) I'm stoked that you have Faline because that's one of the gems I'm looking at. Does it stay a vibrant deep purple once it dries down? Also out of the 2 if you could only repurchase 1 which would it be?