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Overall rating:
2nd September, 2016 at 8:24 pm
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer Review
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Bye Bye? More like see you in an hour...

I bought this from Beautylish because I wanted a new concealer, and this one has rave reviews. After a consult with my bestie we decided that medium was the shade for me.

It arrived a short time later and of course I immediately opened it and squeezed some out. Or, tried to at least! That stuff is thicker than pig... well I'm sure you've heard that saying. The tube is sleek and black and quite nice, with 8 grams of product.

The color is well... Brown. I don't know how else to describe it. My skin color brown? And it's thick, so a little goes a long way if you can get it out of the tube. I have found that keeping it somewhere warm before you use it helps a lot. In a pocket, under a leg, under your boob, anywhere. I've tried them all and they all warm it the same way!

It applies well, thickly! And I use a damp beauty blender to mix it out, I haven't tried any other way. It smoothes in nicely but I don't feel like the hype around this concealer is all that deserved - sure it's amazing but I still see the dark circles under my eyes that everyone claims this hides. Maybe if I used filters like them I wouldn't see them either! Overall this is a nice concealer, but I wouldn't purchase it again.

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haha! :P if I could squeeze some out I could send you some? :D i mean maybe i just apply it weird, idk !

Lol @ this review. It's good to know that you can still see your dark circles, I can stop wondering whether or not I need this! :)

Overall rating:
22nd January, 2015 at 12:33 pm
Revlon Cream Blush Review
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Flushed Cheeks

I'd been keen to try a cream blush for a while and after watching one of Lisa Eldridge's youtube videos, I went out and bought "Flushed". It's a bright, hot-pink, fuchsia colour in the tub, but once applied to the skin it appears more as a slightly flushed sheer pink.

The transparent plastic pot has a black screw top lid, which is perfect for travelling and the product can be applied with either fingertips or a small, fairly stiff brush. The silky, creamy formula glides on evenly and blends easily while the colour can be built up from sheer to full making it a versatile blush for a daywear or eveningwear.

Cream blushers do need to be applied on top of foundation or BB cream before you powder. If you try to apply it after powder, it will not blend easily and the colour will look patchy.

To apply the cream blush, dab a small amount onto the cheeks and gently blend it outwards towards the temples or top of the ears using a patting motion if using your fingers or small circular motions if using a brush. Work quite quickly and do one cheek at a time, as the product does start to "dry" once it's on your skin and becomes more difficult to blend.

Build the colour up to the required shade before lightly dusting with translucent powder on a fluffy brush, to set. I've found that the colour will start to fade during the day if it's not set with powder.

Cream blush is great for dry or mature skins, as it won't settle into fine lines and wrinkles and doesn't look cakey.

Tips: If you don't use blush often, rather opt for a liquid cheek tint or a powder blush as cream products tend to start drying out and go hard after a while. For a more affordable equivalent, try Rimmel Stay Blushed Liquid Cheek Tint.

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Even with a light dusting of powder, I find it doesn't last all day. I get a few hours of wear before it begins to fade away and it definitely seems to last longer on my skin in Winter than in Summer.

Tehe, I just picked one up on Lisa's recommendation also! Not sure about the wear time yet, it just doesn't seem to last the day but I'm still trying out different combos. Tis super natural and pretty though!

Overall rating:
22nd February, 2016 at 7:22 pm
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Review
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no filmstar

After hearing amazing things about this bronzer highlighter duo I had to have it, but that price tag CRIKEY it doesn’t come cheap but hey we can improvise when it comes to makeup and beauty items, who knew broccoli and canned tomatoes tasted so good together. I waited roughly 10 days for this to arrive from beautylish. Oh the excitement was high the day it arrived.

The packaging, as always from Charlotte Tilbury is stunning and stands out, the gorgeous rose gold compact has the CT logo stamped in the centre with grooves starting at the logo and working outwards it truly looks gorgeous and I love it in my collection. Inside it has a big mirror that covers the length of the lid, perfect when you need a touch up during the day. It has a clasp that shuts it perfectly in place so there is no accidental opening in your bag.

I brought this for the light medium skin tones, the powders have the grooves matching the compact with “highlight” and “sculpt” embossed in each powder. The highlight shade is gorgeous, a peachy golden highlight that is easy to apply and blend. The sculpt powder on the other hand is just not quite my favourite, (this might sound weird) but the particles seem really big so I feel like I look like a disco ball and it’s harder to blend than the highlight shade. Maybe I’m not makeup savvy enough to use it to its full potential but I just can’t seem to make it work like the highlight shade. I have tried a lighter hand as I can be heavy handed but it’s just way too shimmery for my liking.

Overall though I’m a tad disappointed as I’m only using the highlight shade so feel like it’s a very expensive product for only using half the product. Wont be repurchasing and I doubt I will be finishing the rest *sob*

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I feel so guilty for reccomending this to you x sorry!! really do I love mine though

Been curious about this brand too Bex. But it hasn't reeled me in yet.

Oh no! Another bad review on this. It hurts so much more when it's so expensive! I had this high up on my wishlist at one point so thanks for reiterating that I really don't need to waste my money, tis much appreciated!

Overall rating:
2nd January, 2016 at 8:31 am
Stridex Maximum One Step Acne Control Review
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These actually work!

Due to hormones I have been suffering from acne in the past six months. Because it was hormones and not general oiliness I had tried every product under the sun with generally no improvement. I saw this in a empties photo on the BR photowall and thought I would add it to my cart the next time I did an iherb haul- at $6 it was worth a shot, although my expectations weren't great!

These are similar to the Clearasil wipes I used as a teenager. Each pad is thin and textured on one side. They are very 'wet' with product which I appreciated as I remember the Clearasil ones drying out by the time you had used half the wipes.

I have been applying these once or twice a day; twice if I was experiencing a new breakout. I found that when used over a new breakout, that the inflammation and tenderness reduced dramatically in the hours after use. In addition, I found that this stopped some new breakouts in their tracks, while others it seemed to speed along the healing process. I've found also that since I have been using these daily that the blackheads on my nose have reduced, and the incidence of new breakouts have also reduced.

These are drying, I find that I need to follow up these with a really hydrating moisturizer and sometimes a serum to remove that 'tight' feeling. I haven't found that this caused any patches of dry skin however (for reference my skin is normal/combination).

I absolutely will be repurchasing, my skin is looking nicer than it has in ages. Would totally recommend!

Tips: I apply these all over my face (using both sides of the pad on particularly troublesome areas). I then wait for my skin to dry (as these wipes are quite wet). After my skin is dry I use a hydrating toner, serum and moisturizer.

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They are so good- I think it may have been your empties photo on the wall that inspired me to buy these! So thanks!

Woohoo, so glad these worked for you!

Overall rating:
21st December, 2015 at 6:40 pm
Beautyblender Micro Mini Review
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Bucking the trend...

I had seen the bad reviews of this on here, but for some reason I was still really keen to give this a go. So when I was in Wellington and saw a wee kit that included one of these micro BeautyBlenders I thought why not! and picked it up. In the wee pack I received the pink beautyblender, the black one, the mini green one, and the new refresh liquid.

If you have seen my review of the regular Beauty Blender you will know it is an absolute rave. I love the thing. It gives me flawless application and it makes my makeup look more natural as it is better blended that I have ever been able to achieve with a brush. The same things apply with this little wonder. I thought initially it would be a pain having to wet this before using but I find I just run both BeautyBlenders under the tap at the same time after I have put the kettle on in the morning for my cup of tea. I love using this for my concealer under my eyes in particular. I am able to get the rounded area right into the tear duct and then around in a "V" shape under the eye. Some days I can get away with just that and some powder because it blends in so nicely. Because I bought both at the same time I never got used to using the pointed end of the BeautyBlender so I find using the pointed end doesn't give me the same well blended effect as the round end of the mini one. I know it is small but I don't mind holding it with two fingers and find it easy to manoeuvre around the eye area. I do find it hard to clean since it is so small, but I get there by just smushing it in my hand with some cleaner then doing the same with clean water.

I know you are now getting some very different reviews of this product! But if you are keen to try it I would see if you could get it in a pack like I did, then you won't be stuck with two if you don't like it that much.

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Ive been waiting to try these out. Excellent review

I know! Even you-tubers hate them! I don't think it is a necessity but it is bloody brilliant.

This is the first time I've heard anyone say anything good about them! Glad you beat the odds and it's working for you ;)

Overall rating:
20th October, 2015 at 8:51 am
Anna Sui La Vie De Bohème
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This stunning bottle is hard to beat

First thing's first, let's discuss this bottle. It's made of frosted glass, with textured rose petals molded on to the glass, topped with a gold lid that has a dainty little butterfly attached! The lavender coloured perfume inside provides an awesome contrast and it just looks stunning atop my dresser. Anna Sui kills it with the packaging, yet again!

I had never seen this fragrance in store before, I came across it in one of those traveling big bucket sales (I've seen it in Duty Free since). Obviously I was drawn to the bottle so spritzed a bit of it and loved the unique scent so I picked up the 30ml bottle (always pick up the 30ml if, like me, you love variety in your fragrance and tend to get bored easily!). FYI this is an EDT.

This scent is much more soft and feminine than anything else in my collection. The scent to me screams raspberry and turkish rose with background notes of pear and musk. To be honest, every time I smell it I think 'old lady smell', but it's not! I think the floral notes are what gets me thinking that, but it definitely has a lot of sweetness to offset it, I don't know of a fragrance like it. For an EDT it lasts so well on me! I put it on last night before bed and it's still just as pungent now, 12 hours later. This isn't a fragrance I wear often but when I do it's definitely an elegant day scent for me.

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Right! I want all of her fragrances, just for the bottles! Tehe. They're so stunning!

This sounds so good! Ive fallen in love with the bottle :) The wearing time is impressive too <3

Overall rating:
22nd November, 2015 at 8:04 pm
Benefit - They're Real Mascara Review
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Stabby McStabber

I was gifted a sample of this mascara in one of those cute little mini sets that Benefit are well known for doing, courtesy of a magical friend. Even though I'd heard it was amazing and I was wanting to try it, I didn't want to risk spending $40 on a mascara and not liking it, so this was the perfect way for me to try it!

The packaging is pretty standard, but the brush is something else! It looks somewhat dangerous, and it kinda is! I've never been a fan of plastic bristle brushes, which is what this is. It has smallish, sharp bristles with a giant ball of doom on the end of the wand, which is essentially made up of longer spikes covering the end of the wand.

Short bristles are good for getting right in near the root of your lashes, but this thing stabbed me every time! Without fail, it would stab/scratch at my lash line, which I've never had before. And it hurt. Haha. The formula was neither good nor bad, it didn't do anything amazing for my lashes, but it wasn't awful as it didn't flake. I will never go near this mascara again for fear of being left with no eyeballs.

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Pure genius! (not) haha

Great title!

Overall rating:
13th November, 2015 at 7:30 pm
Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Diamond Color Illuminating Oil [DISCONTINUED]
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Excellent hair oil

This oil comes nicely packaged in a large 75ml, pump bottle. It has a secure lid on it so you don't have to deal with any leakage if you wanted to take it travelling. This is clear packaging so you can easily see how much product is left. I think the packaging on this brand looks really sleek and classy, and like it would cost more than what it actually does.

This oil is a golden amber colour. It's just a general oil consistency, not super runny and not really thick. I have very long hair and I like to se one pump of product per side so two pumps in total. I think with any oil, you need to apply the less is more rule, too much of a good thing isn't better in this case! Two pumps for my hair though, is the perfect amount to get a nice gleam and softness to my hair. I can definitely see a shine difference if I compare the hair with oil, to the hair without. I've only actually ever used this on my dry hair, I love how it says it can help to prevent colour fading, but I never remember to use it before I shampoo!

I only wash my hair twice a week but I like how I can use this over a few days and my hair doesn't get oily and limp. Granted I do have dry hair and I also don't put this in my roots. I start from just above my ear to the ends.

The scent of this is lovely too. I seriously don't even know where to start in describing it. It's a little sweet, a little powdery, a little fresh and it has something else that I have no idea. Basically, it just smells good and I enjoy using it!

I have used this product so many times but I still haven't hit the halfway mark yet. I feel like I'll have months more use left. It's such a bargain too, $15 is full price but I've seen it on special for way cheaper (I actually got this from the beauty vault a while ago).

I wold definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to try out a hair oil that can give their hair some shine and smells good while using it!

Tips: Definitely just start off with one pump and see how you go from there. You can always add more but fixing an oily mess is not so easy!

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Obviously my scent description is so amazing Right? Lol. I hope you love it if you try it.

I wanna smell it! Sounds like a total bargain, will def be keeping an eye out, thanking you!

Overall rating:
15th November, 2015 at 1:11 pm
Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Scrub Review
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Coconut Sugar Rub

I haven't used many body exfoliants let alone a sugar scrub but I was very excited when my sister bought me the 457ml tub from Fiji. I use this 2-3 times a week because I love how it leaves my body moisturised and smooth ready for the actual moisturiser which you could get away with not doing!

It comes in a huge plastic tub with the signature Pure Fiji gold and floral packaging. For such simple packaging it's quite a luxury product with a price tag to match. My sister paid $FJD39.95 which at the time was $NZD30.00 so it's definitely pricey here in NZ for a whopping $NZD66.50. At the back of the tub it says you can get 15-18 treatments and I'm positive I can get more than that - you really don't need to use much.

When you open the tub you're greeted with a smooth whiff of authentic coconut oil mixed with sugary goodness. There are times where I feel like I've just finished some baking (lets just say edible baking) because of the sugar scent that comes through. The scent doesn't just linger in the tub; it also lingers on the skin.

When I received the scrub back in May it had hardened thanks to good old Auckland weather so you either break up the sugar by digging at it with a spoon or alternatively just close the lid and let the tub sit in a bowl of hot water and watch the scrub soften and turn a beautiful golden brown.

Once it's softened use the scoop it comes with (you may have to dig a little to find it but it's there) to pick up the product. Now, this can be an abrasive scrub so don't give up too easily; once you use it a couple of times you'll know what will work for you.

I apply the scrub all over my body bit by bit and the fantastic thing about this is that it has really good coverage. I can exfoliate an entire arm with just 3 pinches of the scrub. I stand back from the shower when scrubbing myself down until the sugar is fully dissolved because I don't want grains of sugar going down the drain.

You'll start to notice the water just gliding off of your skin due to the moisturising properties of the oil. It's similar to a moisturising shower creme or even Lush' Buffy bar but better and safer because you're not left with a slippery or messy shower. I don't need to moisturise after using the scrub because I've found that my body stays soft, moisturised with a gentle "oiled" fragrance right through to the next night. How amazing is that?

I would highly recommend this scrub to anyone interested in having an affordable (once you realise how many "treatments" you can get out of it) spa treatment at home. I know that Verdo Nails (Parnell, Auckland) stock Pure Fiji products and use them in their manicures (including the sugar rub) so if you don't want to commit to the price of a full tub maybe you'll treat yourself to a manicure where you can experience it while beautifying your nails.

Tips: To soften the scrub, heat up the tub in a bowl of hot water.

Apply scrub bit by bit and massage/rub into your body until sugar is dissolved. Carry on with showering and rinse off last. No need to moisturise but love moisturising with MOR Snow Gardenia or Pure Fiji Coconut Hydrating Lotion.

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

This sounds heavenly!! Thank goodness your sister got you a tub, the price for this in NZ is crazy! I want to try this so badly! Fantastic review as always gorgeous <3

Oh man I wish

Great review. I have been thinking about buying this for awhile and I am now convinced it's worth the price.

argh i want to try this SO much but I have so much scruuuuuuub

I think we just need to go to Fiji for a holiday and stock up on Pure Fiji products hehehe but yes $66.50 is hard to stomach for a scrub :-S

Oh my, this sounds so heavenly! I've been looking for a new body exfoliator and based on your review I would've been 110% sold, but $66.50, for a body scrub...I think I need to find me some Fijiian friends!

Overall rating:
3rd November, 2015 at 4:36 am
Revitalash RevitaLash® Eyelash Conditioner
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Magic lash potion

I was wanting to try a new brand of lash serum as I'd noticed I was getting extra hair growth around the inner corners of my eyes from my previous serum, so when I found a 6month supply of RevitaLash online for $130 I snapped it up! I was pretty confident that it would work because it was quite a reputable product.

My eyelashes were already pretty long and full as a result of using the previous serum, but they're short and stubby naturally. This serum maintained the length and fullness of my lashes without the extra inner corner hair growth! Exactly what I needed. In using RevitaLash I also notice that my lashes all grow in the same direction - this may seem like a weird statement but after using the previous serum I'd notice my lashes growing in 50 different directions, bizarrely. I constantly get comments and questions about my lashes and will forever repurchase this serum!

If you're new to lash serums, the way that you apply it is just like an eyeliner except you're applying to the lashes, not the lash line, you just want to get as close to the lash line as possible. And your lashes need to be clean! It's part of my nightly routine once I've wiped off my makeup, and I always make sure to take it with me when I go away as consistency is key! In saying that, if you miss a day here and there it doesn't matter.

Tips: Buy the 6 month supply! I managed to make my last 6 month supply last a solid 9 months, so when you break it down to how much the cheaper 3 month supply serums cost, it's really not that expensive.

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sounds good

I'd say Lilash and RevitaLash probably deliver similar results, so whatever is cheapest aye Koni ;) I don't have a before and after, Ong. I'm so sad about it, my phone that had the 'before' photos carked it. But trust me, my lashes were so sad before

Awesome review. Do u have before and after photos

Wooohooo on the 100th review! I've been looking at Revitalash - you're insta post did NOT help haha. I've tried Lilash before which I really liked but it seems like Revitalash is the way to go.