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About Me Mum of three young adult daughters and grandmother to three gorgeous girls.

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9th March, 2017 at 11:48 am
Lush 9-5 Cleanser Review
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Celestial's Twin Sister

I am a Lush makeup remover addict. Their makeup removers are more effective and gentle than any other brand I've tried. For years Ultrabland has been my go-to makeup remover, flawless except for the fact that it does use up quite a few cotton wipes in one go. I decided to try out 9-5 to see how it compared.

It comes in a bottle instead of a black pot, which makes sense since because of its liquid consistency. I do enjoy the black Lush pots more though, since saving them up to exchange for a face mask is so satisfying!

9-5 smells lovely and delicate, with a calming and vaguely floral, vanilla-y scent. I use this product by dispersing some onto my fingertips, working it into my skin, then wiping off using damp, warm makeup cotton wipes. It is very gentle and soothing on the skin, and works really well as a regular cleanser too. All my makeup comes off completely, apart from slight black smudges left behind if I've used liquid liner that day. For this reason I found it slightly less effective than Ultrabland.

Overall I really like this product. If Lush's Celestial moisturiser had a cleanser twin sister, then 9-5 would be her. If you wear light makeup every day then I'd definitely recommend this product — if you're a heavy eyeliner and dark lips kinda gal then Ultrabland might be better for you.

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Ultrabland is the best! I find it is best removed with a flannel though. Like you said, it takes a lot of cotton lads to get it all off otherwise.

Awesome review BeautyCutie. I like ultrabland too I haven't tried this one yet.

Great review. I just purchased some of this but have yet to try. I may have to try Ultra bland as well.

Overall rating:
7th January, 2017 at 1:40 pm
Dr Lewinns Reversaderm Complete System Review
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You had me at Dr Lewinns!

I absolutely could not believe that I was one of the lucky reviewers for this product range! I think I even let out a squeal! step 1 – The Cleanser. I dampened my skin with warm water prior to applying. It’s a really light, creamy product so don’t expect it to foam. To be honest, it felt so light that I didn’t think much of it but I felt results from the very first application, my skin felt smoother.

step 2 – The Peel. This is to be used every second day. I ended up doing a schedule on my phone because I quickly forgot what day I was on. This product contains such delicious active ingredients that you feel the results immediately. I have used salon and at-home peels before and have experienced very strong tingling to very light. I would describe this as a short tingle which soon dissipated and was very comfortable to have on. I let the gel preparation sit on my skin for 25 minutes. step 3 – The Serum. This is probably my favourite step… it feels gorgeous and silky on such fresh skin. The serum looks a pearly cream colour and is quite light to the touch. I love the wee fat bottle, so cute! This absorbs quite rapidly into my dehydrated skin but it leaves it feeling soft and loved.

step 4 – The Regenerative Cream. This moisturizer comes in a very handy pump container so it’s much cleaner and cost effective as you only pump as much as you need. I tend to do not quite a full pump in the morning and then a full one at night. It absorbs nicely into the skin but sometimes after the peel, I still feel would not quite hydrated enough.

step 5 – The Mask. This is such a nice, light purplish mask that feels refreshing and hydrating. I really looked forward to my ‘mask’ nights as it was a good time to sit back and relax. I would also do my teeth whitening as well… bonus! My skin was left feeling hydrated, smoother and clear. It has a cooling effect on the skin and is the only mask that didn’t redden my skin after removal, it actually had the opposite effect! This is to be used once a week. My skin is dry and sensitive, pigmented and dull. I thoroughly loved using the Reversaderm program and recommend it to anyone looking for a quality at-home range. I have been quite neglectful of my skincare lately so I really enjoyed the extra love and commitment I was giving my skin, however in saying that, it was not arduous or lengthy and totally doable in our fast paced lives. If you are a bit forgetful like me then I highly recommend writing up a wee schedule for peel days. My skin is so much more hydrated than before, it has a fresher tone to it. Make up is much easier to apply and I was grateful that I had no break outs during this period. There was no irritation and is a perfect product for reviving your skin before an important event, such as a wedding or in my case, an overseas trip!

Tips: Tip: Don’t apply cleanser higher than your eye socket because it will sting if it gets in your eyes. Tip: Let your skin dry after cleansing, prior to applying the Peel. Do not apply on any open skin, like a pimple, ouchies. Tingling is normal, burning is not!! Tip: Don’t miss the serum step, your skin will love you for it. It has a handy dropper but I noticed that no product was coming out when I first used it and a little harden bit of serum had blocked it. A quick rinse resolved the issue Tip: Definitely wear sunblock as the range contains no SPF factor and you don’t want to undo all that good work

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This review was placed by a Trial Team member who was randomly selected to receive and review the product by Beauty Review. This review accurately reflects the individual's experience of the product and is not influenced by Beauty Review in any way.

Hi Nicolef, my skin becomes sensitive due to environmental factors but my main skin concern is dehydration & pigmentation. I had no issues with this product, but I am familiar with using AHAs. I would definitely recommend doing a patch test in store.

Hi Ngahew, I see that you have sensitive skin. Were you concerned at all about using such a high percentage of aha? I've been reading the revieasiest and they all sound great but sensitivity is an issue for me also.

Overall rating:
14th July, 2015 at 5:18 pm
Simple Micellar Water Review
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My second Fav Micellar water

I purchased this when the other was unavailable and i have to say it does the job but its not my fav. I feel a bit sticky afterwards and have more breakouts. I like the neutral smell to it though and it was nice to disperse this product lasts ages and for the price is super cost effective. Not to mention that it has no nasties. Definitely a necessity to have expecially for the busy. That and a cotton ball fixes all

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i like the Garnier too, but based on your review i'd try this if i ran out x Thanks!

Which one is your favourite?

Overall rating:
27th June, 2015 at 9:59 am
Konjac Sponge The Konjac Sponge
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little puff of magic.

I purchased too of these at the recent Women's Expo. The charcoal one for my youngest daughter who has been having acne flare ups, and a sensitive one for me. My girl looked very skeptical when I gave her the one for her, and I could see her thinking "really mum?", however she gave it a go and is really pleased with the results. Her skin has cleared up really well and is now looking freash and calm. The one I got for myself is lovely too. I can't remember the name of the active ingredient but it's a type of clay. I usually don't like to exfoliate too much as it tends to aggravate my skin, but this magic little ball seems to cleanse and exfoliate to just the right level. I usually clean my make up off with a cleanser, and then use this for my second cleanse at night. I use it on its own, but my gitl uses hers sometimes with and sometimes without a cleanser. My skin looks softer and younger and it hasn't aggravated any sensitivities.

Tips: Buy in bulk.

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I emailed the company but no response. They are sold on ebay and things for $1, so just wanted to be aware of the difference between the two! Thanks for your reply :D

Hmmm. Good question. The answer is no. I'm curious now about which country these have originated from.

This sounds amazing! Any chance on the packaging, does it say where these are made?