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Vault December 2017
Vault December 2017
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About Me Hi there,I am a total beauty junkie that just loves trying out new and interesting products.I am also a proud mum to three wonderful handsome sons who think I am a shopaholic because I am always shopping online or offline seeking out the next "big thing" in the beauty range, be that hair,skin or make-up products.I work part-time and live in Christchurch.My hobbies are writting,music,dance,gardening,reading,cooking,yoga and ofcourse,socialising with friends and family.


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28th November, 2014 at 11:41 am
Schwarzkopf Marrakesh Oil & Coconut Shampoo
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Way better shampoos around!!

It didnt do anything it said it would!! I usually like this brand as well. My hair was left feeling drier then it was in the first place . I wouldn't reccomend anyone with dry hair to use it. Also the fragrance isnt very nice . So although it says its supposed to do all these different things to your hair it actually doesn't.. I have bought cheaper shampoos then this and they have actually done a better job!!!

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I had the same problem,my hair felt dryer too.I quite liked the fragrance though :)...I tend to avoid any shampoos/conditioners that have sulphates and other nasties in them now and just pay the extra for "non supermarket brands

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12th January, 2015 at 10:04 am
Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara
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Staple Mascara

So, after months and months of hearing all that from everyone about this mascara I grabbed it as soon as I entered the vault. Thank you BR!

Personally, I probably wouldn't have paid $44 to buy it, no matter what the reviews. But... It all changed after trying this.

I use this daily now, and I have since chucked my other mascaras. It's that good. I've even had a HG mascara which I'm seriously considering - oh who am I kidding, that's in the garbage too!

If you ever needed reassurance to spend $44 on a single mascara, here it is:

Does it do what it says?

Wont irritate eyes or sting = check!

Easily removable use warm water to melt and dissolve waxes = Nope. I'm having difficulty removing this, even with waterproof makeup remover...

Coats lashes evenly = check! My lashes have never looked so good! NEVER i tell you!

Flexible brush glides with the lashes and curls & enhances lashes naturally = Definitely! On their instructions it says to wiggle the brush, do it! It works!

Natural based formula wont clump or clog = mine does clump a bit when applying more than one layer, so I stick to one layer of mascara which is definitely enough!

Conditions, nourishes and strengthens lash structure to assist with lash growth = I haven't seen this yet, maybe in a couple of months' time?

Treatment that cares for your lashes = I've actually noticed less lashes falling out. Maybe it's just by chance, but it can be the mascara too.

This mascara is really amazing. It does take a little longer to dry - and I still end up smudging my lower lashes because my other mascaras dried faster, but this is definitely my new staple.

Will I repurchase? YES!! For $44? Absolutely!

Tips: Wiggle the brush from where your lashes start to achieve a longer look with just one coat.

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I have been dying to try this mascara is quite expensive but from all the reviews I have read on here and elsewhere it sounds like it is a true winner and worth every penny.

Oh have to try it out now.. hmm! thank you!!