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Sally Hansen Colour Therapy
Sally Hansen Colour Therapy

Why Register?

Register for free and you'll be part of New Zealand's largest beauty website.   Once registered you can review products, earn Beauty Points and exchange them for fabulous beauty rewards in the Beauty Vault!  

How do I review a product?

Raid your makeup bag and choose a product you've used to review.  Head to the Brand Directory, find the product and fill in the review form on the product page.  Voila - you've shared your opinion and earned Beauty Points in the process!  Click here to browse the Brand Directory.

How much do I need to write when do my review?

How much you write is completely up to you, if it is your first time posting a review, have a read what other members have written to give you some ideas.  You'll find our Review Standards here.

How do I spend my Beauty Points?

Four time a year the Beauty Vault opens for business.  10 Beauty Points = $1 of  the RRP of a product.   The Beauty Vault is open for window shopping all year round and new products are added weekly.  There's even a countdown clock so you know when the Beauty Vault will open next!

So check it out, make your shopping list and get reviewing to earn the points you need!

Find out everything you need to know about the Beauty Vault here.

What earns me points?

  • Signing up to BR - 25 points
  • Reviewing a product we've sent you to trial - 50 points
  • Reviewing a product you already own - 15 points
  • Commenting on the Forum - 2 points (capped at 100 a month)
  • Commenting on an article, review or poll - 2 points (capped at 100 a month)
  • Adding and reviewing a salon - 15 points
  • Refer a friend under 35 - 20 points
  • Refer a friend over 35 - 40 points

How do I get onto a trial team?

Check out our Open Trial Teams, have a read and comment on the ones that interest you! You could be invited to trial a product at anytime!

Make sure your address details and Beauty Profile are filled out correctly, as we use our system to randomly select trial members based on these details depending on the nature of the product that is being trialled.

Sounds great! Is there a catch?

Nope :-) Accept your invite, use the product and review it. That's all there is to it!  We even courier them to you for free!

Find out more about Trial Teams here!

What's the forum?

The Beauty Review Forum is a great place to chat to our other members.  Find out all you need to know here.

What are Salon Reviews?

Our Salon Review section is a great space where you can review your local Hairdresser, Nail Technician or Beauty Spa.  If the salon you want to review isn't  listed, you can add it and review it. 

Can I add a Salon I own or my place of employment?

At BR we take our reputations as New Zealand's Independent Beauty Site seriously.  Just like we don't allow you to review products you're affliated with, we don't want you to review or add salons you're affiliated with.  There are two ways to get your salon listed - email us and we'll add it for you (no points!), or spread the word about BR and ask your clients to review you here!

How do I refer a Friend?

On your Beauty Profile you will see an individual referral link that you can use to recommend Beauty Review to a friend - and earn Beauty Points.  You'll earn 20 points for every friend under 35, and 40 points for any friends over 35.  Find out more here. 

 What are those badges some people have?

You might notice some profiles have a Yellow or a Purple badge next to their profile picture.  These are our Review Heroes and Review Superheroes.

Yellow Badge - Review Hero.  We select around 0.01% of our member base and let them know we see their contribultions to Beauty Review - on and off the site.  Review Heroes will embody the spirit of Beauty Review, reviewing regularly and consistently, being active across the site, on the Forum and Photowall for example and of course, helping to spread the word about us via their social media.

Perks of being a Review Hero include:

  • Free vault shipping
  • 15% off of Best Beauty Box Ever orders during their tenure.
  • Our go-to pool for special trials that require diligent reviewers.

Purple Badge - Review Superhero.  There are only 3 Superheroes at any one time.  A Superhero's perks include:

  • A mystery shopping assignment in their town, paid for by us.
  • Superhero task forces.


I represent a brand - how can we get our products listed?

Drop us a line at beautycrew@beautyreview.co.nz and we'll get back to you!

Can I still be a member if I represent a company?

YES!  But we ask that you refrain from reviewing products you are affliated with and accepting trials for such products.  For example if you're an Avon representative, you may not review any Avon products.  Nor will you accept a trial for an Avon product.

I represent or own a company - can I link to my products on the site?

No.  We have a strict policy on self promotion on our website - including the forum.  If you've got a product you think our members would love, why not send us an email to  and chat to us about how we can work together?