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Sally Hansen Colour Therapy
Sally Hansen Colour Therapy
Wild Ferns Autumn Glow Day & Night Collection Review
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Wild Ferns Autumn Glow Day & Night Collection Review

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All Manuka Honey used in our products is guaranteed to contain at least 80% Manuka Pollen – ensuring a skincare experience like no other.

This premium 80+ Manuka Honey boxed set includes everything you need to capture the beauty of Autumn with a Replenishing Day Crème, Rebalancing Night Crème, Intensive Refining Eye Crème and Radiance Facial Serum.

Featuring formulas containing more ingredients from nature and a more natural preservative system. Look for our bird icon highlighting products that are 90% natural or greater.

RRP $47.95


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25th April, 2017 at 11:21 am
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Sweet Smelling Natural Goodness

This collection comes in a beautiful bright box decorated in autumn leaves. It makes for an attractive gift for your skin care-loving friends.

All of the products in the set smell of, not surprisingly, honey! If you are a fan of this sweet scent, then you will adore wearing these products. Personally I love the smell and even my husband commented that he could smell honey on my skin.

This whole kit is made in New Zealand and contain natural ingredients; the day cream is 99% natural and the night cream is 98% natural. This is awesome for those who love supporting New Zealand brands and those who enjoy naturally made products.

I don't have especially problematic skin, and am comfortable with just using moisturisers, so I don't usually use serums. The serum smells lovely, and it soaks into the skin beautifully. The instructions say to use 2-3 times a week, but I'm not sure where in my routine this is supposed to fit in.

The day and night cream are favourites of mine. They are both very similar in consistency and application. I'm not really sure what the difference in in content; the day cream is described as adding instant hydration and the night cream is described as leaving you with a radiant complexion in the morning. Whatever they do, I do think my skin looks and feels very soft and moisturised when using these products, so they get a big thumbs up from me!

The eye cream feels really nice to apply, and it is very gentle to the eye area. I had already been using an eye cream which I believe had made a noticeable change to the dark circles under my eye, so it's hard for me to rate if this was brightening. That being said, the product doesn't directly claim to brighten, it says it helps collagen production to smooth and soften fine lines. Fortunately, I don't find I have too much of a problem with fine lines in my eye area, but I have enjoyed using this cream.

Tips: Overall a great set to give as a gift or to treat yourself; especially for honey lovers!

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