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Garnier Chamomile Tissue Mask Review
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Garnier Chamomile Tissue Mask Review

Overall rating:

Garnier’s Hydrabomb Tissue Masks are the latest beauty trend, inspired from Asia. Truly innovative, its super thin tissue is infused with an ultra-hydrating formula to intensely rehydrate and even skin’s complexion for 24 hours of lasting hydration. Available in rejuvenating pomegranate, rebalancing green tea and soothing chamomile.

Chamomile Tissue Mask: For dry or sensitive skin.

An ultra-hydrating soothing mask that intensely rehydrates skin, improves skin’s comfort and soothes skin.

RRP: $4.99

Availability: Selected department stores, pharmacies and online


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Overall rating:
17th October, 2017 at 12:58 pm
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Garnier Chamomile Tissue Mask

I was super excited to try this mask, so when the courier knocked on the door, I quickly picked up the item and ran to the couch to do my thing.

I opened the package, which is a really nice package and easy to open, and pulled out the mask. My goodness!! It is FULL of hydrating gel. I unfolded it and placed it on my face, following the very simple instructions. I found it a bit small around the eyes and it irritated my eyelashes on the outside corner of my eyes, just touched them and made it a little uncomfortable. I pealed off the blue plastic and adjusted the mask and watched tv for 15 mins!

Carefully pulled the masked off and there was so much gel on my face, I couldn't rub it all in, so again, following the instructions, wiped the excess off.

My face was cool and hydrated. It's now been 3 hours since I applied it and my skin feels so soft and there is no ghastly smell.

Tips: Don't panic if it's not quite right before taking off the blue part, once that part is gone, it's easier to adjust to your face and smooth out

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