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Vault December 2017
Vault December 2017
Garnier Micellar Water In Oil Review
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Garnier Micellar Water In Oil Review

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An exciting addition to the Micellar range! Garnier's first bi-phase Micellar solution infused with cleansing oils.

Garnier has made a technological breakthrough in combining the power of cleansing oils with the efficiency of micellar. When the bottle is shaken the two components combine, allowing even the most stubborn make-up to be gently removed without leaving a greasy film. Argan Oil (which is rich in essential fatty acids) and Vitamin E soothes, hydrates and softens the skin. This prevents drying and brings a 'skincare' touch to make-up removal. Cleansing oils are so effective are removing long-wear and waterproof make-up because oil dilutes make-up components that are resistant to water. This allows make-up to be removed more easily by helping it slide off the skin and eyelashes.

Pack Size:  400ml 

RRP:  $13.99

Availability:   Groceries, Pharmacies and Discount Department Stores



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Overall rating:
7th December, 2017 at 8:58 pm
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So I'm not a huge fan of micellar water, I didn't understand it and it was just confusing. I had tried it before, just the regular pink one and I hated it. On a whim, I shook up this at the supermarket and I was immediately drawn to the bright yellow oil mixing with the water, so I bought it.

To use, you shake the heck out of the bottle to mix the oil and water, and you pour onto a cotton pad of your choosing. You wipe gently and wah-lah, makeup removed. The bottle is huge, and you get 200 uses out of it. I have decanted mine into smaller bottles as it's to big to fit in my drawer, and I have a small bottle at my makeup station so I can fix mistakes easily.

I like the smell, it's not overly chemically, but it does have a slight fragrance that doesn't irritate my skin or bother me. I have a few mascaras that I find really hard to remove (Too Faced BTS for example, I have trouble removing) but this removes EVERYTHING with ease.

Depending on how much makeup I wear I use 2 or 3 wipes, both sides, to remove my whole face.This does sting slightly if it gets into the eyes but what doesn't when it gets in your eyes!? This is a really awesome micellar water and I'll be buying it again.

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Awesome review Shaz. That's good to know - I feel the same way about micellar water so I might look into this after I've tried the Za oil cleanser.


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