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Ethique Bombshell Review
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Ethique Bombshell Review

Overall rating:

Ethique Bombshell Review

It's here at last! The world's first solid self tanning bar.
Perfect for light-medium skin tones,Bombshell will leave you with kissably smooth, golden skin with no streaks. Bombshell contains a bronzer for those who want instant gratification or just to see where they have been. Perfect for a night out. 

Our bars are just as easy to use as liquid tanners and they contain both erythrulose & DHA for the perfect colour- no orange tones! Each bar is equivalent to over two bottles of liquid tanner and comes in a box for easy storage in your bathroom. Scented with real vanilla.

Pack Size: 65 g.

RRP: $45.00

Availability: Online



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Overall rating:
21st April, 2017 at 12:17 am
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Easy to use

I like how this is so easy to use. Swipe it, rub it in, get dressed, done.

It smells yummy and the way it's formulated lets you see where you've been so you can get even coverage.

I find that I generally have to use it twice to get a nice colour on my super pale skin, but when you can't notice the tan lines, it's a winner.

It hasn't left any marks on my clothing after using either and it's really easy to wash off your hands after applying.

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31st July, 2016 at 6:42 pm
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Brunette, but still a bombshell :P

In my experience, fake tanners are either really chemically things that leave skin stained slightly orange, or miracle workers. This is very definitely a miracle working version.

All I do is apply a layer of Bombshell - which is tinted, so even if I’m not paying that much attention is easy to use, rub it in, and let it do it’s thing. It smells gorgeously tropical and leaves me with a natural looking tan on silky, scented skin. I even use this on my face every now and then with no ill effects. It’s as if this was made exactly for people like me - pale, wanting a bit of glow, but not wanting to damage skin to be able to look sun-kissed.

If only it was a bit warmer in my house and I could apply this all year round for that summer glow!

Tips: You can usually order samples on the Ethique site - start there, perhaps?

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Ooooh loving the sound of this, had my eye on it for a while now. I think I actually got one in the vault but got an email to say it had sold out due to popularity lol. I love the fact you said its great for pale but not chemically. A definite try


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