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Chi Chi Celestral Glow Illuminating Palette Review
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Chi Chi Celestral Glow Illuminating Palette Review

Overall rating:

A beautiful highlighting palette containing 10 must have shades.
Highlighting creates the illusion of more light reflecting and glowing hence making those features more defined. Bring instant luminosity to the areas of your face and body you wish to highlight with our amazing selection of velvety soft, illuminating shades inspired by the solar system itself - the celestial mother of all GLOW! 

RRP: $29.99

Availability: Farmers, Selected pharmacies and online



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Overall rating:
31st January, 2018 at 7:13 pm
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A Great Way To Get A Selection

I've been on a bit of a highlighter kick recently and this was something I just had to have.

I've always liked Chi Chi and this palette is not a disappointment. The packaging is in line with their patterned packaging and another hit in their palette range.

The selection of highlighters is awesome. I don't find all of them personally suit me, but I love that I have a huge range to choose from with tones that are more white, brown etc.

I had initially brought this with the intention of putting it away as a gift because with the range of shades I think it's a great gift option when you don't know which one they'd like best. But I've been trying out different highlighters and comparing them, so I was a bit naughty and decided to gift it to myself. But I would definitely purchase it again as a gift for somebody.

In terms of longevity it sits in the middle of the spectrum, I've got highlighters that last a bit longer and some that don't.

All in all, a great gift for a make up lover and if you want lots of different highlighters it's a good price to get a selection. But now after having several highlighters I'd get singles of the shades I like best.

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