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Australis Match Maker Shade Adjusting Drops Illuminating - Lightening Review
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Australis Match Maker Shade Adjusting Drops Illuminating - Lightening Review

Overall rating:

Australis Match Maker Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops is your secret weapon to a perfect foundation colour and match. These lightening foundation drops can be used with any normal foundation to create the exact shade or to lighten gradually as winter sets in. Great for our fairest of faces who can't find a foundation light enough in our current range.

  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Palm Oil

Pack Size: 18ml 

RRP:  $24.99

Availability:  Farmers, Selected pharmacies and online



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Overall rating:
12th September, 2017 at 1:47 pm
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Magic in a Bottle!

I started using the Australis Match Maker Shade Adjusting Drops in Lightening after buying the Body Shop equivalent for several months. The Australis one works just as well and is much more affordable! It lightens your foundation without any impact on the formula (at least with the ones I tried), and is generally a bit of a magic wand for gals with pale complexions like me!

To use this product I would take my normal amount of foundation on a brush, then add a lil bit of the Lightening drops. One drop lightened my foundation by about half a shade to a shade. If I was wanting a full on Snow White look I'd add quite a bit, about a third of the amount of foundation I was using. Then I would just apply the brush straight to my face, swirling the products together on my actual skin. This technique worked really well, and resulted in a smooth, even, lightened makeup look. However you can also mix your foundation with the drops on the back of your hand super easily too.

My only critique of this product is that the drops don't come out super easily from the dropper. It can be quite hard to get the exact amount you need, since the consistency of the product is quite thick. However it's not that hard to develop a technique for getting the right amount out.

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