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Tarte tarteist™ lash paint mascara Review
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Tarte tarteist™ lash paint mascara Review

Overall rating:

Jet-black lengthening mascara for 2700% more lash volume.

Paint on dramatic lashes powered by good-for-you ingredients with this vegan Natural Artistry mascara. Infused with triple-black painted mineral pigments that strengthen and condition lashes while delivering bold black definition, you'll get flirty length and volume without any icky, bad ingredients. The patented mascara wand features molded, multi-length bristles that grab-and-lock onto even the tiniest lashes, saturating them in 360 degree root-to-tip pigment. In a simple stroke, you can sculpt, separate and curl your lashes without any messy flaking or clumping.

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Overall rating:
15th May, 2018 at 2:07 pm
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Mixed reviews

So, this mascara is really appealing. Great packaging, great ingredients. However, I gravitate more towards mascaras that lengthen and volumize. This one is mostly lengthening and coloring. It is an instense black mascara and adds a little bit of length but it’s really not enough to stand out amongst the competitors. It is more gel like than other mascaras and if you accidentally get it on your skin, because you blinked without letting it dry or slipped etc, it is a MESS. Smears badly. I would not re-use this personally but I do see why some people with naturally voluminous and long lashes would like it due to the intense black color.

Tips: Use this before putting any foundation on!

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Overall rating:
18th April, 2018 at 7:57 am
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I Love It. But I Hate It.

I received a deluxe tube of this with an online order.

It's a nice looking tube for a deluxe size - black with gold accents and a paint splatter effect on the lid. Very fitting with the name.

The brush is plastic, chunky, spiky and doesn't pick up so much product that you have to reach for a clean mascara wand to tidy up your lashes.

I LOVED how it applied. My lashes were instantly lengthened, thickened, defined and beautifully black. I honestly thought I had a new holy grail on my hands. Unfortunately that was not to be the case, as after a few hours I looked in the mirror and I had black blurry patches under my lower eyelids.

I tried this mascara two more times in the hopes it was a one-off, but each time I was left with the transfer. I've never had a mascara do this so easily or quickly, so I don't think it's a case of me having overly oily lashes, especially as other mascaras I used in between did not do this.

Would I wear it again? If I were popping out for a quick dinner and knew I'd be home before it started to melt off my lashes, maybe. But as a day-to-day mascara? No. Would I recommend it? I really want to, but I don't think I could bring myself to recommend buying the full size, not after my experience. I would suggest to friends that get a deluxe sample if they can, and if it works for them then they're in for a treat.

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Overall rating:
14th March, 2018 at 12:28 pm
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Great Everyday Mascara

This mascara is one for the more natural gal, something to paint your lashes with. It did curl them nice and lasted all day but isnt one for the dramatic glam look.

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17th January, 2018 at 5:06 pm
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I'm a Right Tart(e)!

On my first order from Tarte I was given the option of adding a sample to my cart for an extra few cents. One of the options was a deluxe sized mascara, for 38cents. Um, how could I turn that down!? Considering the same size is in packs for over $20 with one other item, it was definitely a bargain.

So as it's a deluxe I can't comment on the original packaging, just what I have. It's pretty much the same as the big tube with the gold lid and black tube, only the wand doesn't twist or screw out like most products. It pulls off, like a perfume cap. I wasn't aware of this and thought it was a dud until I emailed Tarte CS. None of their other mini's have this design so I'm not quite sure what they were thinking with it.

The wand, once you get over pulling it out, is quite long and very nearly reaches the bottom of the 2.5ml tube. The bristles aren't too soft, but they aren't stabby hard either, they're pretty much just right. There is also a lot of them. There's row upon row of "big" bristles and in between each row there is a row of smaller bristles, which makes for a thicker brush and a better application in my opinion.

The formula is really nice too. It's not too dry that you have to apply a second coat immediately, but it's not so wet you have to give it a few months to dry out. You can basically do both eyes and then it's still 'wet' enough for a second coat, which definitely makes the mascara and your lashes better. It also smells a wee bit like sunscreen.

Once you get over the fact you have nowhere to wipe the excess mascara off, as there is no lip it goes through to get the tip of the wand, application begins. Immediately the brush seems to grab all your lashes and hold them close, like greeting a dear friend after many years apart. The first coat is even and doesn't clump lashes together.

On the second coat, the lashes look slightly more clumped but the lashes as a whole look more filled out and thicker. There's the lift you'd get applying any mascara, the slight curving of the lashes, but I don't think that is anything special. Any more coats and I think you would get spider lashes but if that's what you're into then dive right in my friend. I truly enjoy this mascara and I would repurchase the full size!

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