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Sally Hansen Colour Therapy
Sally Hansen Colour Therapy

Writer's block? Here's what people want to read in a review!

21 March, 2014 - 07:59pm by - First Lady | 161 Comments

image: womenwhocritique

Article by BR Natalie

We've all been there - we've used a product, we want to review it (and earn some points for the Beauty Vault) but we can't think what to say!  Well rather than write a review that's not overly useful (and run the risk of it making it's way to the Moderator's desk) you can now stimulate that writer's block with this check list!

For (almost) every product you can discuss...
1.    Consistency - is it thick, creamy, watery, light?

2.    Application - is it easy to apply?  If there's an applicator, is it effective?

3.    Fragrance - what does it smell like?  How long does the smell last?

4.    Coverage - how much do you need to get the job done?

5.    Longevity - does the product last as long as it claims? How does the product stand up against your lifestyle?

6.    Usage - how long does the product last you?  Is it economical?

7.    Price - how does it compare to similar products?  Is it worth the money?

8.    Packaging - is it aesthetically pleasing? Does the packaging work for the product, ie does it have a pump, is the lid secure?

9.    Results - after using the product as specified does it do what it claims?  What results did you see?

10.    What skin/hair type you have - how does the product work for this? Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

11.    Would you recommend it - A great way to sum up a review is to ask yourself, "Would I recommend it to a friend?"

For all trial products sent by us, filling in the tips section is now mandatory.  If you're struggling to think of tips think of how you made (or tried to make) the product work for you.  Did you use a different method to apply the product? Did you use another product to compliment or enhance the results? 

Our How to Write a Great Review article is full of great advice to make your reviews useful - and we highly recommend reading it for tips on the whole review process.


Rating Reviews.

We've introduced the ability for members to rate reviews - under every review you'll be asked "Was this review useful to you?" and you can choose - Yes or No. Our Beauty Boffins are working hard to introduce the option to sort reviews by Most Useful - so your one click really will help members and the site. You've read the review, now go on - click and rate it!


As always, we'd like to thank all of you for contributing to the site and making Beauty Review the best site for NZ reviews.

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This is a great help will help me with my reviews :)

I'd love to know how long a person has been using the product for as well but otherwise this is a great list to help write reviews!

Maybe age you would reccommend it for? Particularly with fragrance

How about if you get a compliment or feedback from someone who noticed what you used? Skins looking great, what are you using?

I love that idea!

1st February, 2015 at 3:22 pm

Fantastic checklist Beauty Review, this will be a huge help when writing reviews :-)

Great checklist if i do say so myself

Great points! Maybe if the product didn't suit you personally, you could recommend it for others it would suit better?

Awesome list! I think in some reviews people could also discuss ways in which the product could be improved by the brand that makes it. Sometimes there are products which seem good in theory but just aren't executed as well as they could be!

The colour of the skin matters too as not all products suit all skin colours. For instance I have olive skin and need to be careful of the foundation and compact shades I use on my face. Age is another factor one needs information on.

The review tips above are quite helpful and will definitely me in giving reviews in future.

This is a very good checklist BR! This is pretty much all e things I like to think about and comment on when I write a review. It's very helpful to have a checklist like this as sometimes I do forget to mention one or two of the points. Some other points I like to also consider when I'm writing a review is 1) how long I have been using the product for as this can effect the results (e.g using it for 1 week vs 3 months), sometimes you don't see result until a few months later or sometimes the product works initially but then have no additional improvements in the long run. 2) what I like/dislike about the product. I always like to try and think of both good and bad qualities, or what's not so great about the product. And if there's nothing bad it means its definitely a good product and is worth purchasing! 3) texture of the product (e.g smooth or rough) 4) why i purchased the product in the first place, was it recommended, had good reviews on BR etc, and whether the product has lived up to the standards I had before using it. 5) do I think this product is more suitable to a particular age group or target category. When I'm commenting on my results I also like to say what my skin (or hair etc) was like before using the product compared to after, especially if there are significant results like reducing dryness or redness. Just a few mo things for you BR haha, hope I haven't gone too OTT... Whoops!

Those are some good tips

14th September, 2014 at 11:24 pm

Thanks! Hope it gives you some ideas for your reviews :)

15th September, 2014 at 9:09 pm

i like the extra tips you've given :) :) will keep these all in mind along with the onces mentioned in the article

4th February, 2015 at 12:56 am

you have awesome thinking and amazing writing skill quality. where did u get this from?

16th February, 2016 at 6:46 pm

aw thanks Rajvee! I honestly don't know where I get my writing skills from as I was never good at English in school! I guess my skills have grown since writing more reviews on here. Thanks Kelly, hope these tips help with wring your reviews :)

16th February, 2016 at 7:45 pm

This is a good list! I like to also add a pros and cons list to my reviews - I think every (well....most....) products have some positives and some negatives no matter the rating.

Thanks so much . I have been feeling a bit stuck of late . This will help me out so much . Can't wait to get reviewing again soon. Thanks for letting me be apart of such a great team.

This definitely gonna help my reviews!

I'm ever so glad that this article has been written. I personally prefer to write less reviews, but spend more time on them so that every aspect is included. Another aspect I like to include is how it compares to other products in the same category. For example, I may use a face mask that is great, but there may be another one that is better. This is also helpful when it comes to comparing low and high end products.. I recently reviewed the Lancome Rouge in Love and Chi Chi lipsticks which are very similar products with very different price tags!

I agree with comparable products, like when people list 'dupes' for high end products. This would give people who have used similar products an idea whether the product reviewed may or may not suit them.

21st March, 2014 at 11:50 pm

Thanks for outlining what would be good ways to describe a product. This helps us formulate more specific reviews. :-)