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Win a Beauty Box for You AND Your Mate!

14 February, 2018 - 04:22pm by - First Lady | 7 Comments

Competition posted by BR Natalie

At Beauty Review we firmly believe that YOU are the beauty experts.  We also believe the more the merrier.

With so many cool trial opportunities and so many products to review, we think now is a perfect time to invite new people to discover NZ's biggest beauty guide.  And if you help new people, like your nearest and dearest, find us, we'll reward you for being so awesome!

If one of your friends or family (or internet following!) registers with us you could BOTH win a Best Beauty Box Ever and 500 Beauty Points!

Each beauty box will contain over $170 of fabulous beauty products, and 500 Beauty Points convert to $50 to spend in the Beauty Vault!

We'll be giving away 8 prize packs in total!

Every member an individual referral link - you must use this link when referring your tribe, that way we can track back the referral and you'll earn points!


It's really quite simple - here's how to refer a friend.

  1. Your BR profile displays your individual referral link - this unique code is yours now, and forever.  
  2. You can copy this link directly from your profile.
  3. When your friend clicks on the link it will take them directly to the BR registration page.  Your friend can look around the site first and return to the registration page if they choose to join us. 
  4. HOWEVER - if they leave the site before registering the link will be broken so they will need to reclick the link you've sent for you to be rewarded.
  5. Your points will be credited once your friend has fully completed their beauty profile AND changed their profile picture.
  6. You will receive 25 Beauty Points for friends who are under 35 years old, and 40 Beauty Points for any friends over 35.
  7. You can track your personal tally of referrals in your points break down under "Friends Referred".

Ideas on how to share your referral link:

  • Email it to your friends
  • Paste it in a Facebook status.
  • Share the product page of a product you've trialed through us and include your referral link.
  • Tweet It!
  • Use Instagram and snap a photo of a product you've received from us, either to trial or from the Beauty Vault and include your unique referral link.

So go on - get referring us and help NZ's biggest beauty guide grow EVEN bigger!!


The Boring Bit aka The T&Cs.


  1. Registered members only can enter this competition.  It's quick and easy to register, and you only need to do it once.
  2. Competition closes on 28th February 2018.
  3. Winners will be drawn at random on 1st March 2018
  4. Winners will be notified to their BR Inbox.
  5. Prizes can only be delivered to NZ postal addresses, and no PO Boxes.
  6. Prizes unclaimed after 1 week from notification will be redrawn.

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What cool prize packs. There are so many out there that haven't had the pleasure of being part of the BR community x

What a lovely gift - I have referred 2 of my family but they don't seem to have picked up what a great site this is.

yay! I had a friend sign up today

Sounds amazing!

That’s awesome

Very cool

I hope I can get some friends and family to sign up!


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