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Sally Hansen Colour Therapy

Do you know HOW your Rosehip Oil is extracted?

1 March, 2017 - 10:17pm by - First Lady | 150 Comments

by BR Natalie

Do you love Rosehip Oil?  No?  Then you must not have tried it!  It's just so, so good!  And we're not the only ones who love it - we're in amazing celebrity company -  Miranda Kerr, Gwenyth Paltrow and Princess Catherine; all love themeselves a it of rosehip!

Rosehips are actually the dark red fruits of roses they've havebeen used since ancient times. Mayans, Egyptians and Native-Americans discovered that besides the pleasant-smelling fragrance of the roses, these plants came with extra benefits.

What benefits?  Well..it's FULL of antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids.  It boasts a huge percentage of plant-derived vitamin A, the “skin vitamin” that helps promote collagen production.  It's also rich in Vitamin B-carotene and Vitamins E and C ( 50% more than oranges!).  It's bursting with Omega 3,6 and 9 acids and lycopene too! 

So how do you use it?  What can it do for your skin?  Rosehip Oil:

  • is a great alternative to a daily moisturiser
  • is scientifically proven to reduce scarring
  • reduces redness associated with facial rosacea
  • improves appearance of psoriasis scars
  • improves the skin of Acne sufferers
  • can reduce wrinkles, crow's feet and fine lines
  • is a great treatment for chronically dry skin
  • is an excellent after sun treatmen

And we bet our members have so many more ways to put it to use!

We're looking for twenty reviewers to put A'Kin's Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C to the test.   This is perfect for post-summer care and taking care of evening pigmentation issues and rehydrating thirsty skin.  

But the really cool thing that sets this Rosehip Oil apart from others on the market? It's the extraction process.  See most other Rosehip Oils on the market are cold pressed; the oil is extracted slowly, at low heat.  Or refined - the oil is extracted at a high temperature, which destroys a lot of the goodness.  This is the common method for cheaper oils on the market.

A'Kin's Rosehip Oil uses the Co2 method - which is free from heat and oxygen, leaving you with a more pure and potent product that's more stable.  Did you know the average Rosehip is only good for around 18 months?  A'Kin's will stay fresh for TWICE as long once open - remaining just as potent and pure!

Sounds like the best of the best right?  Well we need you to tell us, so why not get chatting to us about all things 'hippy - have you used Rosehip Oil before?  If you have what did you use it for and what results did you get?  If you haven't used it before - what issue would you use it to target?  How important is the extraction method of oils to you?

Get chatting now!

Do you know HOW your Rosehip Oil is extracted?

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Yes, I do love using rosehip oil and facial oil formulations with rosehip oil. I use it to moisturize my skin and hydrate it as well has help to see if it would brighten my skin a bit and help out with the sunspots that I'm always trying to target and lighten. I think evening my skintone is at the top of my list of concerns. I think my fave rosehip oil formulation so far is the Trilogy's Antioxidant+ because I did see some results with that as far as brightening. The regular Trilogy one was good but I didn't like the smell that much. Plantae's was extra hydrating and it smelt better than the Trilogy plain rosehip oil one. I think so far the only rosehip oils I've used are cold pressed ones. I'm curious to see how much more effective this rosehip oil is and how much it brightens and helps with sunspots plus I'm almost done my Manuka Doctor Brightening Oil and I would love to try another product to see if it achieves what the last one didn't.

I love Rosehip oil soooooo much. It made such dramatic differences to my skin. The biggest being taking away my dry, red, sore face and making it soft and supple. I have only tried Skinfood and Trilogy which I both adore. I didn't really have any idea of how it was made! Interesting read and this Rosehip sounds awesome I would love to try it :-)

This was really interesting as I have often wondered how the oil was extracted.I would love to see if this product would brighten my skin.I have uses rose hip befor and as my skin is dry I love the way it helps my skin.

I love rosehip oil. It has helped so much with reducing the redness from acne scars and psoriasis on my face. I have tried several brands of rosehip pils, and creams containing rosehip oil, but I have no idea how the brands extracted the oil. A'kin ate a great brand. I have not tried their rosehip oil, but I used to use their nightcream. It was very good.

Interesting. I never knew about this method of extraction. I love facial oils. I use sweet almond or rosehip like a serum sometimes. A light layer of jojoba oil before exfoliation can be good for sensitive skin too. And I have used evoo mixed with body lotion or cream for an extra 'hit' of moisture. .

I love Rosehip oil. Whenever my skin is dry as a dessert I turn to rosehip oil. Have only tried Trilogy. My skin feels so good from it. I highly reccomend it for dry skin.

I have used rosehip oil in the past and LOVED it! Definitely need to get myself some more. I haven't tried the A'Kin one before though, it sounds wonderful. So interesting to learn more about the process.

I would love to try rosehip! My mum uses it and she loves it - plus her skin looks great. I'd love to find a product that evens out my skintone. I'm also stuck indoors all day due to my job so something that keeps my skin refreshed looking is an added bonus!

I have used Trilogy's Rosehip oil and skin care kit before and I did enjoy using rosehip oil. Although my skin is acne prone and oily so I was and still am apprehensive of oils. This does sound fantastic though and would love to trial it to see if it works on calming my breakouts rampant currently due to my over active pregnancy hormones!

Iv just started using facial oils in the last year and my skin isnt as dry anymore! I love them and would love to try this one =)

Yes I am, I have been a fan of using oils for skincare for many years and have loved how rosehip oil can be used not just for the facial area but for all over the body and hair. It is great for helping soothe stressed out areas as well as keeping it all looking youthful

I would love to try this product, I've got lots of acne scaring from my teenage years and I still struggle with breakouts and scaring. I also struggle to find a hydrating moisturiser as my skin is so dry and so so many moisturisers are not hydrating enough or the other end of the spectrum of to rich for my skin.

I have recently gotten into using serums and oils and have tried the trilogy and the goodness ones which I liked. I had no idea about the extraction process so that sounds very interesting and seems like this would be a better product than the ones I am currently using. Would be keen to try.

Ive never tried Rosehip oil before I've tried chia seed oil and didnt like the smell of that at all. Ive tried a trilogy facial oil swell but can't remember which and i didnt like the smell either, i don't know if they just go off quickly here in my house as its quite warm in the summer or if i just get the bad batches? While my face is combination i do get dry patches so would be keen to see how it goes and how it is on scars and stretch marks?

I've used pure rosehip oil in the past from different brands, and definitely notice different results from different brands, so have always figured that, not surprisingly, quality of extraction and storage matters a lot with this product. I haven't heard of this brand before, and as always, would be keen to try and see how it compares to other brands.