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What is the main reason you use a body lotion?

21 August, 2017 - 08:37pm by - First Lady | 64 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Body lotions are often left on the bathroom shelf and only used when we remember, or if we notice a part of our body being more dry than usual.  They're also a bit of an underrated product - they make our skin smooth, but can they really bring anything else to the table?


Just like our face, the skin covering the rest of our body benefits from TLC and from products that target it's issues. We should pay attention to the key ingredients in our body products just as we would for our face, and pick ingredients that will best fit our skin's needs. 

There are so many reasons to use a body lotion so it's not surprising it can take testing a few products to find the one perfect for you.  So what are the benefits of a good body lotion?

  • To re-hydrate dried skin - it doesn't matter if its Summer or Winter, our skin needs hydration.  Dry skin flakes, chaps and cracks and can become irritated easily.  A moisturising lotion used daily will help soften and prevent further chafings. 
  • To replenish extra dry or rough spots on the skin - elbows, knees, feet - they're all prone to being dry or rough.  Daily moisturising with a replenishing lotion can soften out these rough spots.  
  • To feel good and relax - Nothing feels lovlier on tired and aching limbs than a nice, cool body lotion (except maybe having someone else to rub the lotion in!). 
  • To smell good - ok we have deodorants, fragrances, body sprays, so why use a lotion to smell good?  A subtle, all over smell that isn't going to have your loved ones gasping for air!

We're putting the gorgeous Evolu Smoothing Body Lotion to the test.  Combining active botanicals this lotion will refine, soften and hydrate your skin, improving surface texture and promoting healthy circulation.

It's especially suitable for dry skin and targeting problem areas such as elbows, knees and heels, this lightweight lotion is readily absorbed, leaving your skin feeling smooth, softened and refreshed, with a divine natural scent and no oily after-feel.

The natural ingredients are expertly chosen and combined together create a body lotion that is anything but ordinary.

  • New Zealand pure spring water
  • Pure essential oils of Sweet Orange to rejuvenate and renew the skin.
  • New Zealand Kanuka brings anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
  • Lemon cools and purifies.
  • Lime is detoxifying and offers anti water-retention
  • Ylang Ylang is balancing and soothing
  • Sweet Almond and Avocado are rich in nutritive vitamins.

So tell us all about why you use a body lotion, do you simply slather it on when you need to - when your skin is already dry, or do you use it every day?  Is it ust the moisturising properties you look for in a body lotion?  Most importantly - have you found the perfect one yet? 


What is the main reason you use a body lotion?

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I don't use body lotion as much as I should just when I am aware of a dry skin area. Maybe my next tip in taking care of me

I use body lotion when I remember to! Usually when I see my skin is dry and needing some love and attention :) I am yet to find the perfect body lotion though.

I use body lotion to give my skin a nice healthy glow and to keep it soft and supple as I age.

I have been using the Vaseline aloe spray from the Beauty Vault and I love it. I have dry skin so a body moisturiser is a must for me. Love the ingredients in the Evolu! Also how gorgeous is that packaging. Would love to try it and I imagine it smells devine.

I'll be honest I have not been moisturising at all this winter and my legs particularly are looking very scaly. I have been using a Beauty Care & Co (kmart) body lotion on my heels. I really care about the dryness of my heels, it really bugs me more than my dry legs. The packaging of the Evolu body lotion looks gorgeous and I imagine it would smell lovely. Love the fact it can be used for all areas that need moisturising. Multi purpose products are definitely an advantage and leaves more space.

Oh gosh I pamper my face like a queen and then completely neglect my body like it's not even my skin. This winter I opened a body butter but there's still 3/4 of the tub left, I just can't be bothered moisturising. Have to say, this one looks and sounds pretty good!

I use body lotion not only to keep my skin hydrate, but also to help treat and prevent stretchmarks. I stick to ones that have kept my skin smooth and supple all day.

I should use body lotion more often as I have dry skin but find sometimes be greasy and sticky. I would love to trial this one

I use body lotion every day as I have dry skin. I have a container at my desk and slather on a couple of times a day especially knees and elbows. I haven't yet fount the perfect body lotion and enjoy trying new ones looking the one one that works best.

I use body lotion religiously every day, to prevent my skin from becoming dry in the first place! If I go without it for too long my skin gets dry really quickly. I look for lotions that deliver a lot of moisture each time, like Lush's Charity Pot or Soap & Glory's The Righteous Butter. I didn't know that Evolu did body lotions — would love to try to see how it compares to my faves!

I do use them a lot more over summer time I think because it's so cold over winter the thought of standing there while covering myself in a cold moisturiser is a bit off putting .the packaging of this is so pretty it would have me sold on it. Does it smell as good as it looks?

I really enjoy using body lotions. There's nothing quite like giving your calves a little bit of a massage with some body lotion after a day in heels. Unfortunately I'm currently out of my Garnier lotion and my skin is showing it! I wouldn't say I'd found the perfect lotion yet however. Would love to see whether Evolu's lotion is the one. I look for hydration and amazing scents in lotions, so the Sweet Orange essential oils in the one sounds like it would hit the spot!

I usually have three on the go... a gradual tanner that I use every few days for a bit of colour, a nicely scented one I use if I am having my shower in the morning/going out, and a heavier non-scented cream with ingredients to target my KP & give lots of hydration that I use most of the time. This lotion sounds soothing & sounds like it has a wonderful scent, something I don't usually get in just one product.

What lotion do you use for your KP? My daughter has this and is quite self conscious. She's looking for one that works.

25th August, 2017 at 9:14 pm

I'm terrible, with no excuses. I have several body moisturisers at home & barely use one once a week - even then it only goes on my lower legs! Maybe if I move it into the bathroom, I could use up some of this product!

I use my moisturiser after a shower every day. I forget to do it sometimes.


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