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The Beauty Vault - April
The Beauty Vault - April

What is the Beauty Box?

23 February, 2016 - 09:59pm by - First Lady | 44 Comments

Love beauty products?  Love trying new things?  Love a bargain?

You need to keep reading!

Talking about beauty is all we do here at Beauty Review.  So when we saw a gap in the market for a premium beauty box, we knew we had the insight and knowledge to not only fill the gap - but to fill it with the best beauty box ever.

Cue the launch of our sister company:

Every month a new themed beauty box is released containing fabulous beauty finds, at an amazing price.  Each box is packaged beautifully and couriered to your door for free!

And unlike other beauty boxes in New Zealand, you aren't trapped in a confusing contract - you simply buy the boxes you want to.  (Fair warning - you're going to want them all!)

Still reading? It's time to stop and head over to where you can check out the current releases, pre orders and future boxes.  There's something for every beauty lover and budget!

P.S.  After you've purchased your BBBE, don't forget to review the products right here on New Zealand's largest beauty website!

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I'm so glad I already got one. Now, it's just going to be a challenge to resist them all!

Totally they are always so worth while

24th February, 2016 at 7:31 am

I love the packaging! Awesome job team.

My BBE Is wonderfully fabulous! A fantastic surprise which arrived just as I was leaving work this afternoon. With things to do on the way home, I drove carefully with my treasure sitting?? In the boot as directed. As I slit the box open and peeped inside, a sequel of delight, then out it came and this clever package unfolded a pile of beautiful products which I am going to try one by one and report back as I do so. Soothing eye cream is for starters. Thanks BR for fabulousness, it is so worth it.

This really excites me. I can't wait for a big fat pay.

I only wish

Finally have the money to buy one :D But after being naughty and peeking at what the next one has before I pre ordered I realized I had everything in it already D: another long month of waiting to get my hands on a beauty box....

Do you sell to USA customers? What are prices and shipping cost? I just started my blog and all Social Media. I would love Love LOVE to have BBBE as my first christening of reviews on all Social Media platforms!! I have the champagne to break open like they do on boats, but can't crack my huge TV so I will pop the cork on my Youtube reviews and enjoy it as I review and show and tell all the products (a before and after). Leave no products behind! I use all Korean products currently and I want to try another country. Please say yes!!

I canttwait to get mine, excitedly waiting. Cheers

I was given a Beauty Box today, for Mothers Day. Its fantasic ! I didnt know there was anything available like this . I can not wait to start using my products.

This was my first box and I loved it to bits can't wait to try another one ????

My box arrived this week, the delivery was very prompt. I resisted a sneaky peek before my daughter came home from school. We opened it together, how exciting! We were not disappointed, what lovely products and nice packaging. We decided to share the products between us, now we can start using them and compare notes.

Got my first BBBE on Friday, totally in love. Super excited for all the natural products. Can't wait for the next one to arrive!

Are they available to the u.s too?

I'm interested

Please I AM WANT A BOX!!!!


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