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The Beauty Vault - April
The Beauty Vault - April

Want to review MORE products for FREE?

8 March, 2017 - 10:04pm by - First Lady | 38 Comments

article by BR Natalie

Did you know we have 35,000 Kiwi members?  That's a lorra, lorra women interested in beauty products.  It's also an insane number of candidates to sift through when looking for reviewers to join our trial teams.

(Not familiar with our trial teams?  We send out full sized products to teams of members, for free, in exchange for a well written review.  Cool right?!) 

Now it used to be every member was in the selection pool, but lately, that's not been working for us, too many late reviews, too many ignored invites.  And so, by royal decree, things are changing.  

We decided that while our core values will never change, we will remain strictly independant as an organisation, our trial process will change.  From now on, trial teams products are going to go to members that regularly contribute to the site.  That write excellent reviews.  That interact with, and share what we do.

From this day forth, trial products will still be sent to people who fit the criteria of the product, at random, BUT the selection pool will be much smaller.  Our Expert Review Panel will form our selection pool of consistent and proven reviewers.  If you love reviewing, this is the pool you want to be in.

A place on the Expert Review Panel is not guaranteed - members of Beauty Review will need to fill out the application survey and demonstrated a proven history of great reviewing.  Applications will be approved or declined within 10 working days.

If declined, we'll let you know why and you are most welcome to apply again in the future.


The Beauty Vault. 

Remember, everything you do here, from reviewing to talking on the forum, to commenting on articles, earns you points.  And what do points make?  Money.  They make actual money to spend in the Beauty Vault.

1000 points = $100 to spend in the vault.

For real.  

It's been a while since we last opened the Beauty Vault, but don't worry - it hasn't gone anywhere.  The Best Beauty Box Ever has been keeping us very busy - we're working on stocking the vault to make sure it's really full, because of course any member who's been with us for longer than 6 weeks, with a minimum of 500 points to spend can enter.  With the introduction of the Expert Review Panel, the Beauty Vault will become the main reward for all members to review, review, review.  


More changes will be coming over the next few weeks so stay close, apply for the Expert Review Panel and get reviewing, ready for the next Beauty Vault!

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Haha I have been away for so long, I only just saw this pop up on Facebook! I need to get back in to it I think!!

Been away from the PC for a while but back to reviewing and catching up on articles, this sounds like a great way to monitor however as a new person to the site the lure was, of course, the prospect of trials, I find something soothing and calming in writing and do put effort into the reviews I have posted so far, with a lot more to add I might say. So it is a bit upsetting to think that I will be overlooked for people who have been on the site for longer periods but hopefully, this gets reviewed over the course of the year for more newer members to be considered. In the meantime, if not selected I shall continue to write reviews as I feel that people deserve a place to read honest reviews and I offer the perspective of not only a personal makeup user but a qualified makeup artist too.

I am stunned that people aren't following the review process when they've been sent a product.

Great outline of how things will change. It was nice and easy to understand.

I know right! How could anyone ignore a product invite? :D

9th March, 2017 at 9:31 am

Or write non-descript two liners. I'm sorry but it's no way to say thank you for a company sending you free product.

9th March, 2017 at 1:35 pm

I completely agree! This is such a great and helpful site and the thought of people disrespecting that.. some choice words.

10th March, 2017 at 2:30 pm

I love that this site is constantly evolving and trying new things.

It is good to change things if they are not working and If people are too lazy to contribute with a review they don't deserve the product. Good Luck with the change and I hope that does not mean more work for you BR.We have all been so lucky and I hope the changes will be easier for the team.

This sounds like a positive change, so I hope it makes things easier for the BR staff! It's not fair of people to not review in time!

Very mean -Half the fun in trying the product is doing a fair review -I use these all the time when purchasing too so really useful.

10th March, 2017 at 7:20 am

Yeah, I agree. It's fun to feel like you're helping others learn about which products they should and shouldn't purchase.

11th March, 2017 at 5:57 am

It amazes me that people are so ... selfish and lazy. Let's be honest, that's what it comes down to. Good on you guys for changing how it's done, you don't need more work than you already have and constantly chasing up people to post reviews is not how you want to spend your day.

This sounds like a really great idea, looking forward to seeing how BR moves into this new phase!

woo hoo look how many members you have that is totally amazing! I so love how you guys are always constantly evolving and i think it sounds like a great idea, fingers crossed my reviews make the cut of being great reviews :)

I like this system but not just cos I already made the cut - it's nice that BR regulars are getting rewarded for being active on the site. I also can't wait for the return of the vault! :-D

Glad you made the cut -Hope I do but you are one person that is really active in BR and so much fun XX

11th March, 2017 at 10:44 am


11th March, 2017 at 8:50 pm

So pleased you are on the panel! Love your reviews and excited to see you getting rewarded for it :)

11th March, 2017 at 9:45 pm

hehe thanks Julieal! maybe not that active but i have a memorable face i guess :P naw Kirsty you're cute, thank you x

11th March, 2017 at 9:47 pm

Sounds like a good system, getting rewarded for good behaviour. :)


9th March, 2017 at 6:48 pm

I have missed out on reviews in the past due to not seeing the email quick enough, which is gutting, but that's how it goes! I love reviewing products and use it as a very handy tool when I am looking for new products to try (even used it when looking for a hairdresser!). I'm stoked when I am picked to review products :) I just wish I could spend a bit more time on BR, but work and family life don't always play the game darn it! I also LOVE the Beauty Vault and have missed out on the last 3 (again work/family) but and soooooo looking forward to the next!! I have done the survey and have my fingers crossed :)

Good Luck - I have missed on a couple too but I think the main thing is if you accept you make sure you use the product and review properly-Good Luck

11th March, 2017 at 10:46 am

Wow! Didnt think there'd be members who'd actually NOT respond to a trial invite! whereas I am always hankering for more!! I personally think its rude to not meet deadlines and not do as you are obliged to, so pretty sad to learn that people actually dont complete reviews on time or respond to invites on time - notwithstanding genuine reasons why someone may fail to do that sometimes! Nice move BR team - sounds like a great idea!

Fair enough if people havnt been reviewing the products! My last invite went to my junk email and by the time i saw it, it was too late =( i was guttered!!! Also i am so excited for the vault to open! It will be my first one =)

The vaults are fabulous - I still remember my first one, I hardly slept the night before :)

9th March, 2017 at 6:48 pm

How cool! The survey didn't take long to complete. I have learnt so much about beauty from BR, and look forward to learning more


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