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The Beauty Trend That's Making Us Hungry

6 September, 2017 - 09:16pm by - Head Pixie | 23 Comments

By BR Tabatha

It would seem brows are having a moment in the beauty community. Again. The crazier, the whackier, the better. The latest eyebrow raising look? Squiggle brows. Yep, wiggly wavy brows are now a thing.


The trend is being attributed to beauty vlogger Promise Phan aka promisetamang on Instagram, and the look has quickly been picked up and played with by beauty lovers all over.


Even Shaaanxo got on board - but in a photoshopped fashion. Now I don't know much about photoshop but I reckon photoshopping squiggle brows has to be a lot easier than actually attempting to work your brows into waves, getting them to stick down, and then plastering on concealer to create the sharp lines of the wiggle.


Following the success of squiggle brows squiggle lips became a thing, and bless the bloggers and vloggers, their tongues were firmly in their cheek with this one. And probably with the squiggle brows too. At least I hope so, because I just can't get my head around it.

All I know is that all this talk of squiggles has had me perma-hungry for the last week. I'm off to Countdown.

Tabby out.

(Are you a fan of squiggle brows or squiggle lips? Is it a firm pass? More importantly, how hard are you craving biscuity goodness right now?)

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I quite like the look especially the squiggle lips but am not game enough to try it myself

I prefer the biscuits !!

7th September, 2017 at 7:12 am

No way! It reminds me of the hunger games city freaks. It's too much if you ask me

It looks more like worms. I guess it could be cute for the runway, but not for real life. I'll pass.

Definitely not my thing. I dont like the look of them at all.

I think it looks quite cool as an experimental look, but purely for fashion photos. I would not do this for everyday life.

No they don't do it for me at all -Dress up maybe but distract rather than add to a good look.

Makeup's an amazing tool to have fun and express yourself with, and if people get some fun out of doing squiggly brows then why not!

I would much prefer the edible squiggles!!

Firm pass. Another fleeting instagram trend.

Biscuits yes, brows and lips no ;)

Yay for a bit of fun but I'll stick to the squiggle biscuits hahaha

Defs the biscuit!

lol thats so funny not for me but I'm sure some can rock it :)

I have seen brows that are braided that looks nice but this trend is a no for me

And this is a no from me!


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