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What NZ's Beauty Editors Really Think About DRAGONS BLOOD!

15 August, 2017 - 05:55pm by - First Lady | 21 Comments
How do you get a couple of beauty editors excited?  Appeal to their Game of Thrones obsessed side and send them the most mystical sounding product ever.  Dragon's Blood.  Merilyn and Natalie have been using the Day Lotion and Serum for a couple of months now.  Is this elixir as magical as it sounds?

Merilyn - Founder, CEO, Khaleesi.

So I've been using the Skin Therapy Dragons Blood Multifunctional SPF Day Lotion.  I’ve got to say, I really REALLY enjoyed using this. I was looking for a new daily facial moisturiser, I like to change up my skin care so great timing for these to arrive at BR!

Ok so we’ve written a few articles about the oddly named Dragon’s Blood but I’d never tried it so I was intrigued to find out what it was all about.

For a really competitively priced product it's beautifully packed in a fancy pants clear bottle with a pump on the top - I’m a BIG fan of not sticking your fingers into skincare products and I really don’t know why brands still continue to putthem in pots, so points for the pump pack. 

Now the colour of the product in the pack was really appealing it’s like a two layered light and then darker pink colour with the two colours separated in the pack, but then when you pump it out they join together. 

Performance wise it did everything it said on the pump, it really hydrated my skin and left it feeling unbelievably soft. It has an SPF 15 which was an added bonus, especially for these Winter days where there's not enough sun to make me consciously think 'sunscreen'!  

I’ve been using the Dragons Blood Serum as well…all I’ll say is …va va va voom! 

Read what other Kiwis think of this gorgeous Day Lotion here.


Natalie - Editor, Mother of Dragons.

So, Dragon's Blood.  I'm not going to lie.  I sort of, kind of, absolutely really wanted the serum to look like a potion made of the blood of Dragons.  Alas, the Skin Therapy Dragon's Blood Sculpting Serum is just your average off-white lotiony-serum.  But as that's probably the only disappointment I experienced using the product I'll probably have to let it go.

The serum comes in a blinging silver pump, it looks lovely next to the red Day Lotion, and I'm with Queenie - all skin care products should be pumpable.  It should be law.  I also really loved that over two months the metallic finish over the glass bottle hasn't chipped or peeled.  This is a budget friendly product, but the packaging is high end.

The serum itself is more lotion than serum, to give you an idea of consistency - it doesn't drip.  At all.  It smells sort of fruity - a nice break from that typical clincal skin care scent.  It applies and spreads over the skin beautifully, but it is a bit of a weird absorption process.  After use my skin feels 'tacky' to touch for about 5 minutes.  A couple of other reviewers have commented on this too.  After it has all been absorbed my skin feels incredibly soft and supple.

So does it do what it says and lift, tone and define?  Yeah I think so.  My skin is looking pretty darn fab at the moment, and I have enjoyed using the Dragon's Blood serum - I've repurchased a second bottle, although I'm still going on my first.  8 weeks + use for $30?  Bargain!

I'd recommend the Skin Therapy Dragon's Blood range to anyone, but particularly as a great introduction to 'anti-ageing' skin care.  I'm 32 and the clinical / super powerful age defying products aren't quite on my radar yet, but using this range I definitely feel like I'm tackling the fine lines and general skin blah that is coming with age and being mother of two dragons.

Check out what other people think of the Dragon's Blood Sculpting Serum here.

So there you go - in the height of a GOT induced fever, we've found lotions and potions that tick all of the boxes.  Affordable.  Effective.  Magical.  

Have you tried Dragon's Blood?  What do you think of it?  Get chatting below!

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Yes I've tried the day lotion and the eye cream and liked them both! I'd love to try the serum - next time I need one it's on my list.

Oh, and I loved your reviews ladies!

15th August, 2017 at 7:59 pm

I haven't tried it yet, but I did purchase it as a present for my mum after reading the positive reviews on BR. I'm curious to give it a try on myself

I have tried one version of Dragon's Blood but it was a different brand - Skin Physics which was about $80 a jar lol. I joined a subscription service after trialling it from BR as I loved it. But they sent me more jars than I needed and ended up with a big supply. I was lucky enough to the Skin Therapy Dragon's Blood Eye Cream but haven't used it yet as I'm still using the Trilogy Eye Cream. Can't wait to try it though eek.

Sounds lovely. Will have to give it a try :-)

I live the sculpturing serum -I tested it but have also bought it since and really find it excellent.The eye cream was Ok but not my favourite.

I'm loving the Dragon's Blood eye cream I got in one of the BBBEs. And major bonus - it kind of looks a bit reddish-dragon's-bloodish :)

I haven't tried their skincare before. I'd love to try them. Must add them to my wishlist.

I have tried the serum and still using it. Its great for the skin and pretty affordable too.

Argh, I'm a sucker for serums, after reading a few more reviews on the serums I'm really tempted to buy it.

I haven't tried the day lotion but I have tried the other two Currently, I wasn't sure why I was purchasing a product with blood in it, wondering what the heck dragons blood Was meant to be

I haven't tried Dragon's blood but they both sound like really good products for the price.

I love this range. Lucky to get the eye cream in the vault too so look forward to trying that

Love the review ladies...I havent tried this goodie yet but its on my list!

I've picked some up in the last vault to try when I finish my current range.

Have not tried but would be keen to! Especially from the reviews.


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