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Six Simple Tips To Take You From Rarr to Ahhhh

28 August, 2017 - 09:54pm by - Head Pixie | 19 Comments

By BR Kellie

I have a little wrinkly worm that runs between my brows. It’s about an inch and a bit long. It’s a little wonky. It’s deep enough that I think botulinum toxin would have little to no impact on it. And I hate it. Mainly because I was the cause of it. You see whenever I feel angry or stressed my brows knit together, reinforcing that wrinkle. Back in the day I didn’t know how to deal with that anger and stress, hence why the wrinkle is so prominent. These days, stress still rears its ugly head and once in a blue moon I’ll get my grump on, but that wrinkle? Well it doesn’t get the chance to deepen all that often, because I’ve learnt some really easy tips to help me keep calm and carry on even when I feel like beating life over the head with a metal truncheon.

Worse thing you can say to an angry person? Breathe. But if you’re angry, breathing can help. Not just any old breathing but the deep cleansing breathing that I was taught in yoga class. Basically you sit up nice and tall and take in breath through your nose, send it down to your stomach, allow it to inflate your rib cage and chest and continue breathing in that one breath until it feels like the air has reached the back of your throat. Then slowly release that breath, imagining the stress leaving your body as you do. Rinse and repeat three times. More if you feel you need to.

Another tip I learnt in yoga was to ‘scan’ your body when you’re feeling tense about things. Basically you’re checking in with yourself. Lie down, then starting at the tips of your toes and slowing working your way up you pay attention to each and every bit of your body. If it feels tense you mentally release that tension. Sounds a little loopy, I know, but it really can make a difference to how you feel.

Speaking of lying down and releasing tension. If you’re struggling to go to sleep at night because you’re wired and your brain refuses to shush – tense your whole body up. Every single muscle. Hard as you can. Then slowly, starting from your toes go through your body relaxing each bit, piece by piece. I don’t know how this works because I’m no expert and it was taught to me by my high school media/drama/I'm-old-and-can't-remember-the-term-for-that-particular-class-because-it-was-so-long-ago teacher, but to this day over two decades later (gulp) I still use this technique and it works a treat for sending me off to sleep.

Not a fan of all this sitting still and breathing stuff? Getting active is also a great way to move on that rarr-ness. A quick storm around the block can work wonders – especially if it’s getting you away from the source of your stress.

Another way to shrug off the stress is to blast some music. A little Rage Against the Machine has seen me rail against the injustices of the world, only to come out feeling stronger and more capable of taking on whatever life wanted to throw at me. Although these days I’m more likely to throw on ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina & The Waves – fake it ‘til you make it, baby. 

Speaking of waves… my last tried and true tip for saying sayonara to the rarr? Get in water or hang out by it. I swear water has the most magical healing power. When the world gets too much I run a bath and wallow in the water. If I don’t have time to bathe I jump in the shower, curl up and let the water run over me for ten minutes. If I’m nowhere near a shower or bath I find a water source, be it the ocean, harbour, lake or river and I sit next to it, watch the water drift in and out, race downstream, trickle over rocks. I take in the sound of the water, pay attention to the light dancing upon it, and after a time all the woes in the world recede. Calm is restored. And that wrinkle-worm of mine once again softens.

So those are my top tips to send away stress and to achieve victory over anger. What are your tips and tricks? Sharing is caring!

(Please note, these tips are aimed at regular stress and flashes of anger, but if you’re concerned you’re experiencing anxiety, or that the stress/anger is causing you mental or physical health issues, please see a health practitioner.)

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Prey, meditate, put on some bright lip stick or nail polish, spray some delish perfume, walking always does me the world of good, positive affirmations. Getting changed into some clothes that make you feel happy and positive and powerful is always a good stress relief. Lots of different techniques not every one fits a every situation but life is to short to deepen wrinkle lines.

Such a good attitude x

29th August, 2017 at 8:48 am

Erm well..swearing and eating (bad) and walking/running/yogo-ing/bathing in soft, scented, hot water (good). I hate stress and would love to live without it.

I find myself walking till my legs hurt, of course you then have to walk home and then pain in your legs sure has taken your mind off things

Great article - I have one of those worms too but mainly from concentrating too hard at the computer .I agree water is a great soother -nothing like a good walk along the beach , a long soak is a deep bath , mineral pools -I even love walking in the rain as long as I am on the way home and can have a nice hot shower when I get there.

Yeah me too - along hot bath is soo relaxing, especially with something scented and sweet in it.

30th August, 2017 at 6:19 pm

I like these types of articles. A good reminder that wellbeing is an important component of daily life. I find that writing down my feelings helps, as well as music. It's important to acknowledge it, so that it doesn't get too much, but allow enough time and move on. It's not to dwell on it either

Such a good point!

29th August, 2017 at 8:48 am

Yoga is the best! It's so incredible for basically every part of your body + mind. You can find whole sequences online aimed at relaxation :)

A nice walk on the beach with some deep breathing :)

I love foot baths because its my closest to having a full bath. Also love wax melts.

I let myself be angry with the problem or situation but I do something about it. For example, over the weekend I was making lasgna, spent several hours chopping and cooking the ingredients, making the sauce, etc. and then assembled it and put it in the heated oven. Fifteen minutes into that the glass tray cracked and exploded sending glass and almost all of dinner. Although I'm a pretty calm tempered person and don't use four taboo words much, I used one or two as I gazed at my casserole rendered useless due to a baking dish not holding up. I was angry as I turned the oven off and cleaned out the glass and food out of the hot oven as best I could and then sprayed vinegar and sprinkled baking soda on the food splatters. We opted to grab some quick cheap, already cooked food from the supermarket that night. The next day I cleaned out the oven, once the problems were solved I wasn't angry any more.

I love the tensing the body tip! going to try that next time I cant sleep. Great tips, and I love the after note xx

I find that pottering around cleaning my house is quite soothing. I think it's the routine? Ironing and mowing the lawn are two favourites. Also, moving my body physically. I need to do stretches, or walk/run or swim. Water helps too. The ritual of showering or bathing. And the ocean is my happy place. In it or by it...just makes my world better.

I actually ask myself, Will it solve the problem or help the situation if I am stressed? The answer is no!, so I tend to try and not get stressed. There is the odd time when that dosent work so then I usually eat bad things :[

Sometimes when I find I'm really mad about something or something is really bugging me I'll throw a tantrum in my room like a three year old. Complete with the thrashing on the ground, stomping, and swearing my brains out. Then 5 minutes later I feel much better!

If something really irritates me, I give it time front and center to dwell on it, eg an hour, 10 minutes. Then I let it go, no more time dedicated to it.

I love this article! When I'm stressed a beer or wine with Music calms me down. I like to step outside and take a few minutes for myself :)


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