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Magnetic Eyelashes: Eye-Opening or Eye-Watering?

25 July, 2017 - 10:21pm by - Head Pixie | 28 Comments

By BR Kellie

There's nothing quite like the look of false eyeslashes. They open up your eyes, make them appear bigger, add glamour... but they can be a right pain in the you know where to put on! Sure, Tabby makes it sound easy peasy lemon squeasy in her eyelash application article, but some of us are just too cack-handed to get it right so give up trying. Until now.

A US-based company, One Two Cosmetics, has created magnetic false eyelashes. I know. They sound a little scary, because, well - magnets near your eyes? Well, first thing I did on seeing these fluttery pretties was check out their FAQ to see if they're safe to wear. According to their FAQ, One Two Cosmetics' lashes underwent independent testing through Princeton Consumer Research on the prolonged wear of magnetic lash use and not one of the subjects had an issue with them. So that's good! 

So how do One Two lashes work? Basically you take one false lash, line it up above your natural lashes, then once you're satisfied with the fit, you take the second lash and apply it under your natural lash line and the two click together to create fab falsies. Boom. Just like that.

Magnets though? Really? Are they clunky? Do they weigh down the eye? Not these! One Two Cosmetics micro-lashes use micro-magnets - two little red dots - on either lash that sandwich your natural lashes together to create a realistic but glamorous look. 

Can you tell I'm excited? I'm excited. So excited I'm returning to copywriter form and sounding like an ad. (This isn't an ad.)

The best bit? Unlike what feels like most online-based cosmetic companies they DO ship internationally - even to New Zealand. YUSS!! Bring on pay day!

So are you a fan of the falsies? Do you struggle, like me, to apply the usual kind? Are these totally tempting you right now? Chat away!

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I like the look of falsie's, but am a failure at putting them on so I reach for voluminous mascara. I have seen these magnetic kind of false on the big wide YTube. I'm not sure if it's the same brand but I didn't like what I saw, as in the results didn't make any difference. It seems a little too good to be true but I'd love to see how it'd work for a felow BR member and their personal review of them would be. I'm not jumping gin this bandwagon and stick to the mascara.

Wow. They sound amazing. Gosh, the things people think up!

I thought these were fantastic when They first came up in a sponsored Facebook post, but after watching a few videos on them I'm not to sure how good they would be people still had trouble as they only have a small magnet in the middle not right along and lining them up. I did have pictures of me taking my sunglasses off and my lashes being stuck to them.

MMM! The Jury is still out on this one. I will watch for any reviews as I am not good with anything near the eyes .

I love false eye lashes. I get more compliments when I wear them. At first I struggled. These would make life so much easier.

Wow these sound so interesting! I haven't worn falsies much in the past but am thinking of maybe getting into them more, since they always look so glam and pretty :)

that's so weird? i'd try them but... I dunno if I would enjoy them haha I cant even get used to falsies on my face so this would be something else

I'm a little sceptical about its staying power. My lashes are very short and thin so I'd be constantly worried that this'll fall off or worse, pull off my eyelashes by accident. And since it's such a novel creation, I can bet the price isn't going to be cheap.

I have seen these being applied on a YouTube tutorial a while back and honestly looked just as difficult as getting the normal lashes on correctly. Im just average as all hell when it comes to putting anything like this on, so I will stick to the serums that give me those long lashes naturally.

I really struggle with falsies they look gorgeous on me but I can't for the life of me get them on right (main reason why I need a makeup artist on my wedding day if I get married, that getting my winged liner right). These do look more promising I wonder how many uses each pair would last for?

I've never tried falsify! Have always wanted too but didn't like the idea of glue near my eye...this however seems ok....hmm off to have a nosey hahaha

I saw this video on Facebook, this is such an innovation and would love to give them a go. Wearing contacts can make any eye make up difficult sometimes, at least these look easy to remove and reapply!

I'm not great at applying falsies. Will keep an eye on how these ones go.

I can apply false lashes to my own eyes fine, but the thought of these magnetic lashes give me the shivers! With false lashes, your natural lashes act as a buffer and stop you from accidentally sticking them in your eye. I have shaky hands and have to use both hands to line up the corners and apply falsies to my eyes. I think applying the magnetic lashes would be really tricky, as I'd have to hold the top strip with one hand and the bottom strip with the other. There'd be no guarantee that they were lined up straight and there's nothing preventing the bottom lash from touching my eyeball in the process. No thank you, but as intruiged as I am, I think I'll have to pass on buying a set of these!

I want to try there! I saw this on Facebook sometime ago but didn't know about where to get them. I'm terrible at putting on false eyelashes so this will be much easier for me


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