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Sally Hansen Colour Therapy
Sally Hansen Colour Therapy

Is your skin in need of a MIRACLE foundation?

19 February, 2017 - 10:27pm by - First Lady | 48 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie

There are some weekends I just can't WAIT for Monday.  This was one of them.  See I've spent last week reading, researching and learning about Max Factor's new Miracle Worker Collection.  And by golly-gosh am I excited.  With four foundations and a primer, Max Factor have released a powerhouse collection that will help you perfect your base, whatever your age, skin concern or type.

Usually, we'd chat for a bit about a related topic, before introducing the review product, but with five products to get through and a fast moving time frame, well, ain't nobody got time for that.  

Invites will go out THIS THURSDAY, and shade choices will need to be emailed to the crew by midday Saturday.

If you want to put yourself forward for this trial team, you'll need to fill out this survey - it's what we'll use to match candidates to products.

Every one who trials a foundation will also trial the Max Factor Smooth Primer!!

Now let's look at these Miracle Workers and suss out which one would be right for you!

Miracle Touch Foundation 

The Skin Smoother.

This unique solid-to-liquid foundation melts and glides on uneven skin for miraculously smooth tone and texture.  It's perfect for those of us with younger, uneven skin.  It's a full coverage foundation and even comes with a sponge applicator concealed in the compact.

Miracle Match Foundation 

The Tone Enhancer.

This is a lightweight, shade-matching foundation that uses skin-blur technology to create the ultimate nude base.  It's good for dry to normal skin, and the nourishing, hydrating formula makes this a fabulous choice for our over 35s!

Skin Luminizer Miracle Foundation

The Glow Getter.

 Ooo now this gorgeous foundation contains light reflecting particles AND long-lasting hydration resulting in a gorgeous, healthy looking glow.  This is absolutely the foundation to opt for if you have aged skin, the medium coverage and dewy finish will leave you fresh and flawless!

Ageless Elixir Miracle Foundation 

The Age Defier.

This product is like the ultimate multi-tasker - you get both instant and long term benefits when you use this 2-in-1 foundation and serum.  It offers flawless coverage and anti ageing protection, all while brightening dull skin tone AND protecting you with SPF!  So if you'd like a foundation that's working to protect against future ageing - this is the one for you!

Miracle Primer

It's a crime not to prime

A miraculous smoothing base for even foundation application and finish.  Just one pump dispenses the right amount of product to instantly prime and smooth your skin, creating a smooth layer between your moisturiser and foundation.

So - are you all caught up on the latest foundation range to hit the market?  Are you amping to put your hand up to join thirty-nine other reviewers by putting your perfect foundation and primer to the test?  

Then you need to click here to take this survey!  Invites go out Thursday!!

***And if you don't land a place on this trial team - do not fear.  You can head to Farmers and take advantage of their insane promotion - you can get any foundation from the Max Factor Miracle Worker Collection for just $25 when you buy the Smooth Miracle Primer!  Check out the site banners for more information!***



Offer available from 17th Feb 2017 to 12th March 2017. Miracle Worker Foundations options include: Ageless Elixir Miracle, Skin Luminizer Miracle, Miracle Touch & Miracle Match.

Excludes Clearance Items. Available instore, not available online. Qualifying purchase must be made in a single transaction. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

Is your skin in need of a MIRACLE foundation?

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Ooooooh! Survey is done!

It's a hard choice for the right one, luminate, serum or blur?

yes but fun to try -Good Luck

20th February, 2017 at 6:58 am

survey done but I am not close to a Farmers so might have a problem there.

you know, i was worried when i picked the blur technology one in the forum, but then reading it I think I'm quite excited to try it. I think because it says "for over 35's", it threw me off, but everything else about it sounds just really quite awesome. So stuff the numbers :-P

yes I think that is just a guide and a good product is a good product -right ?

23rd February, 2017 at 7:22 am

I'm super keen to try the ageless elixir. Sounds awesome.

I am in need of primer so of course I am excited for this trial. I have one max factor foundation currently. It smells like almound essence, is creamy feels smooth and hydrating. I have reviewed it. Would love to compare with one of the products above and try with the primer! I had one other max factor foundation but the shade was not suitable so I passed it on. Apart from the shade it was a good product. Would love to try out the foundations for aging skin and check out the primer.

Just the other day I was thinking that I haven't heard anything from MaxFactor in a long while and wondered if they were still around. I used to use their Colour and Light back when I was a school girl (ooooooooooooo many many years ago now!).

I was in Farmers the other day and had a good look at their stand. They have a great selection of products but I have lost touch with them and am interested to see if they still make fantastic products.

I am yet to find a foundation that doesnt make my skin look worse! I would love to try!!!!!!

I put my hand up in the forum but sadly, it looks like I'll be giving this one a miss ... none of these sound like a good match for my oily skin. Good luck to the ladies who do get on this fabulous trial team, I'm keen to read your reviews!

Yeah I was a bit disappointed that there seems to be nothing for oily skin. Of course, "mature" skin is all dry and wrinkly isn't it??? *facetiousness*.

20th February, 2017 at 11:00 am

The Miracle Match Foundation sounds absolutely amazing...in fact all of these sound amazing!! Love that a lot of them are hydrating. Aaaaahhhh so excited for anyone who gets the chance to try these!

You know our skin changes so much over the years of time and it's just so hard to find the right foundation. I can remember using a Max Factor foundation back in the 70's. Wow !! I would love to try the new Max Factor Miracle Collection. .

That's so true right? I used to be an oily mess, then went pretty normal and now dry and dehydrated. I guess I'm like a has been grape - once plump and juicy but looking like a sultana nowadays. No amount of wine is soaking in!

20th February, 2017 at 1:47 pm

The thing with foundation and me is I have a really hard time finding my shade so I have to often opt for brands with a really large shade range of middle tones and in between middle tones. But that being said I don't mind splurging on foundation because I think it makes all the difference to your look when you have one that is the right shade for you and really suits your skin.

This is true! I am quite pale ans have pinkish undertones. The struggle is real!

20th February, 2017 at 5:39 pm

This would be amazing to trial I've done the survey and now waiting to see if I get picked. At my age you would think I know which foundation is for me, but no I don't. So to trail this would really help this 50 year old to finally. Know which is for me. Fingers crossed. Thank you.

Survey all done! Fingers crossed!

Love that there is one perfect for over 35s :-) that's me, and I'd love to continue looking my best as long as I can.