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Is This The Best Concealer Hack Ever?

3 August, 2017 - 10:04pm by - Head Pixie | 20 Comments

By BR Kellie

Guys! I'm ahead of the curve! I did something I didn't know I was supposed to do! I'm fist-pumping so hard I'm probably going to tear some shoulder thingy right now!

What's got Pixie all excited?

Michael Ashton, Adele's makeup artist no less, just dropped one heck of a concealer hack - and I've already done it. Quite by accident.

You know how when we conceal our eyes we're meant to then pop powder on top to set the concealer so it doesn't crease? And you know how sometimes this works? And sometimes it doesn't? Well according to Michael Ashton in this interview with The Cut if you'd like to avoid your concealer creasing the thing to be using underneath the eye area before you apply your concealer is a little eyeshadow primer!

I know! Who knew? 

So how am I ahead of the curve? You see your Pixie received Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener last Chrismas as part of a Revlon gift set. Not bothering to really pay attention to what the packaging said I ripped into it, thought 'oh, it's a concealer' and started using it under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, and in those other highlight-happy areas. Well push me over with a feather, I had some of the best non-creasing brightening undereye days of my life! Which all got turned around when I saw Tati saying how much she loved it as an eyelid primer, at which point I stopped using it because I felt dumb at getting it wrong.

So you can imagine my relief when Michael Ashton came out saying an eyelid primer was the perfect way to get your best under-eye concealer ever. Not only had I been doing it right, I'd been doing it with a product that did both all at once - because had I bothered to look on the Revlon site I would have found out it's an eyelid primer AND a brightening concealer. Yes, insert crying face of laughter emoji here.

Not only can I say that is a new hack - I can say it's well and truly tried and tested and gets the big tick of approval from me.

Do tell... are you all over this beauty hack already? Is it new to you? Is it something you'll try? Or are you happy as larry with your concealer game? If so... tell us your tips and tricks! 

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I have never heard of this trick, but I want to give it a go now! under eye concealer always manages to crease on me no matter what :(

Ha ha ha I love it, you had me cracking up BR Kellie. That is pretty awesome though. I've never heard of ite either but super fantastic that you have now found this beauty hack. I've only ever used a primer on my face before applying foundation, never used eyeshadow primer as I don't wear eyeshadow, just never seems to look good on me ha ha ha. Will have to give it a go though. Thanks for sharing - still lolling at your push me over with a feather comment ha ha ha.

Interesting! This makes so much sense :D

Good on you Kellie -This was so funny. Now you can continue to use with authority. I certainly would try .

Ummm say what!?! Darn I just done my makeup for the day....will definitely try this tomorrow!

Yes I've been using concealer as a eye shadow base for the last year. Eye shadow stays longer. Even cheap eye shadows wear bit longer than usual

I haven't tried this, although I got the Kat Von D Lock-It Color Correcting Eyeshadow Primer which comes like a twist up crayon and I've used it to prime my lower lids just enough for my eyeliner but I haven't used it where I apply concealor. I might next time.

There's an eye lid primer????

I like to fill the fine lines around my eyes and forehead with a bluring primer so I've hardly ever face the struggle of concealer creasing! It's like smoothing out the canvas you're going to paint on.

Thank you, your advice will be a very worthwhile experiment as under-eye concealer is never "perfect". I have eye makeup primer and it's never used!

Right!!!! to buy I am .

Oh, great hack!! Will be giving this a go for sure!

I haven't heard of this beauty hack, I'm going to give it a try!

I'm just lazy and often don't conceal under my eyes :P

This is a neat trick. Hadn't heard of it before. I have never tried an under eye concealer myself as all my friends are always complaining about the creasing. But this sounds like worth a try.


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