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How much attention do you pay when cleansing your face?

6 August, 2017 - 06:54pm by - First Lady | 47 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie.

Ok, we've established in the past that when it comes to some beauty habits (sunscreen, teeth brushing, moisturising for example) I'm annoyingly pedantic but other beauty chores I am, well, a bit lazy.  I don't line or prime my lips pre-lipstick, I actually can't remember the last time I brushed my hair and I'm pretty sure the polish clinging to my toe nails was applied in summer.  

An area of my skin care routine where I'm really inconsistant is cleansing my face.  I mean I give it the water treatment twice a day, I'm not a total heathen, but I only use cleanser when I'm wearing makeup or feel particularly grubby.   You see, up until a few years ago, to me the word cleanser was synonymous with facial wash.  Foam.  Facial soap.  Squeaky clean skin that felt too clean and would feel tight and dry.  So I just didn't use one.  

Obviously working for BR I've since discovered me a couple of fabulous cream cleansers and oil cleansers, and I do now use a cleanser semi-regularly, but I give the act of cleansing no more than a minute of my time a day. Wet face, rub on cleanser, rinse.  

You're probably thinking why on earth I'm waffling on about my lack of good cleansing - well its this video.  You see, I was researching our latest trial product and there was a very handy instructional video, and well, it's made me rethink a few things.

Why aren't I taking the time every day to enjoy cleansing my face?  You know, creating a sensory experience, relaxing as I literally wash the day away? Why don't I pay a bit more attention to what is actually an important step in one's skin care routine?  (Seriously kids, do as I say, not as I do - use a cleanser daily!)

You might have guessed - we're putting the Evolu Relaxing Creme Cleanser to the test.  This gentle facial wash will deeply clean and clarify without stripping the skin of its natural defences. The effective non-foaming formula uses a balanced blend of botanical actives to cleanse impurities and effectively remove face and eye make-up.

Just look at the properties of the botanical actives:

Calendula   - anti-aging, protective
Geranium   - calming, therapeutic, improves circulation
Apricot Extract  - softens, hydrates
St John's Wort   - calms inflamed skin, helpful for blemishes

It's suitable for all skin types, especially those with sensitivities or problem dryness and promises to leave the skin relaxed, soothed and polished.

It sounds great right?  And of course, being an Evolu product your guaranteed an incredible aromatic experience too.  So why not tell us about your cleansing habits - do you take your time and enjoy your cleansing routine, or is it a step you don't give much attention to?  Do you cleanse twice a day, or like me, are you a little more haphazard with your cleansing routine?  Why would you like to try the Evolu Relaxing Creme Cleanser?

Get chatting below!

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Every evening, I brush my teeth, and then give my face a double cleanse. First cleanse is to remove all makeup - so I usually use an oil cleanser, although sometimes a creme cleanser, and then my second cleanse is normally foaming. I just can't get away from feeling that I need the foam to be clean. the rinsing off is normally with a hot cloth, I try to take my time & relax during this bed time prep. Mornings are all about water.

Ohh id love too but at night its a quick cleanse to get the makeup and the day off and then in the morning its while I'm in the shower and it is probably marginally longer than at night. Maybe i should try cleansing my face earlier in the night instead of just before bed???

Yay, another Evolu up for trialing! I make sure I cleanse my face twice a day, I feel it is really important, especially as I have dry skin and am prone to dry patches. My make-up definitely sits better on my face when i have cleansed it, rather than just using a make up wipe. I like cleansers that smell nice, and having natural ingredients is a must have for me.

I would like to try the Evolu Relaxing Creme Cleanser due to the fact that it is sutiable for dry skin, and a cleanser that I think would smell amazing

I take my skincare pretty seriously. Cleansing my face end of the day is an important part of my daily skincare routine. I wash my face with a cleanser and follow up with a toner. Not to forget the micellular water to get rid of the make up. And then there is the exfoliation twice a week and face packs. Sounds like a bit much but I just love it all.

Unless I'm having a luxurious, lingering bubble bath, I'm totally guilty of rushing cleansing (and many other skin regime/beauty steps one is suppose to take time with...). There's coffee to have, kids to get ready for school, sleep to be had (and the last precious moments of the day to just chillax to!). But I do always notice an improvement with my skin when I take more time to cleanse...

I kinda rush it abit most days, unless evenones out then I go the whole hog.and take my time.

I'm guilty of just getting it done as fast as possible. Would love to spend more time but I just wash then rinse

now that im in my thirties i take way more care with my skin than i did before old age set in haha.

Another organic good for you seeming product!

Skincare has become number rone for me. Although like the writer/poster aka BR Natalie, I do neglect other areas & can also have a good smirk where reading about the nail polish on toes, this is so me right I have found creme cleansers are my jam and am working thru on brand at the moment but would love to put my hand's up for a chance to trial this. I like the imgredients mentioned. I'd like to put this to the test and see if I should be changing up my cleanser.

The amount of time I spend at night cleansing and moisturising is directly proportional to how late I stayed up and how tired I am. Some days I'll go all out with massaging makeup remover balm on and then oil cleansing and then gel cleanser. Some days I wipe my face with a makeup remover wipe and convince myself it's clean enough.

This sounds amazing! I love cream cleansers, that is the one thing I know my skin loves. Just being able to clean my face without stripping it is a great feeling.

Somewhere in the middle of both haha. In thr shower I tend to take my time but at the handbasin not so much

I use a cleanser morning and night and exfoliate twice a week,however I have never been a fan of cream cleansers. I prefer foaming cleanser it's more because I have never really found a good cream cleanser that gives me the total clean feel. I have very dry and sensitive skin so I try and look for products that will clean and remove makeup without doing much damage but at the same time not feel oily or leave any residual feeling after a wash. This cleanser has really good ingredients I'd been keen to try Evolu as it is targeted towards individuals with sensitive and dry skin also I'd like to test and see how good does it feel after.

I do just get the job done but I do also, if have the time, normally on the weekend, take my time and enjoy it as I know the importance of a proper cleanse. I use a creme cleanser in the evening shower routine and in the morning it is a quick splash, wash, rinse and run before the normal moisturizing routine. Evolu has my attention due to all the natural ingredients and the word relaxing has got me excited.


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