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How much attention do you pay when cleansing your face?

6 August, 2017 - 06:54pm by - First Lady | 47 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie.

Ok, we've established in the past that when it comes to some beauty habits (sunscreen, teeth brushing, moisturising for example) I'm annoyingly pedantic but other beauty chores I am, well, a bit lazy.  I don't line or prime my lips pre-lipstick, I actually can't remember the last time I brushed my hair and I'm pretty sure the polish clinging to my toe nails was applied in summer.  

An area of my skin care routine where I'm really inconsistant is cleansing my face.  I mean I give it the water treatment twice a day, I'm not a total heathen, but I only use cleanser when I'm wearing makeup or feel particularly grubby.   You see, up until a few years ago, to me the word cleanser was synonymous with facial wash.  Foam.  Facial soap.  Squeaky clean skin that felt too clean and would feel tight and dry.  So I just didn't use one.  

Obviously working for BR I've since discovered me a couple of fabulous cream cleansers and oil cleansers, and I do now use a cleanser semi-regularly, but I give the act of cleansing no more than a minute of my time a day. Wet face, rub on cleanser, rinse.  

You're probably thinking why on earth I'm waffling on about my lack of good cleansing - well its this video.  You see, I was researching our latest trial product and there was a very handy instructional video, and well, it's made me rethink a few things.

Why aren't I taking the time every day to enjoy cleansing my face?  You know, creating a sensory experience, relaxing as I literally wash the day away? Why don't I pay a bit more attention to what is actually an important step in one's skin care routine?  (Seriously kids, do as I say, not as I do - use a cleanser daily!)

You might have guessed - we're putting the Evolu Relaxing Creme Cleanser to the test.  This gentle facial wash will deeply clean and clarify without stripping the skin of its natural defences. The effective non-foaming formula uses a balanced blend of botanical actives to cleanse impurities and effectively remove face and eye make-up.

Just look at the properties of the botanical actives:

Calendula   - anti-aging, protective
Geranium   - calming, therapeutic, improves circulation
Apricot Extract  - softens, hydrates
St John's Wort   - calms inflamed skin, helpful for blemishes

It's suitable for all skin types, especially those with sensitivities or problem dryness and promises to leave the skin relaxed, soothed and polished.

It sounds great right?  And of course, being an Evolu product your guaranteed an incredible aromatic experience too.  So why not tell us about your cleansing habits - do you take your time and enjoy your cleansing routine, or is it a step you don't give much attention to?  Do you cleanse twice a day, or like me, are you a little more haphazard with your cleansing routine?  Why would you like to try the Evolu Relaxing Creme Cleanser?

Get chatting below!

Is cleansing your face an experience?

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I really do try to be more consistent with cleansing and in all honesty, the only time I am is when I've trailed a BR product hahaha I currently have the ZA Oil Cleanser which is fantastic!

My cleansing habits are pretty stringent. I have a polishing gel and a cleansing foam in the shower, and an exfoliator and a scrub beside the sink, so things tend to get rotated.I love using good cleansers as they're the base of my whole skin care system. I already have dry skin so I avoid drying products.

The hot face cloth would be relaxing on the face after a long day at the coalface.

6th August, 2017 at 7:22 pm

I rotate my products too Maree.

7th August, 2017 at 3:56 pm

I exfolliate in the morning then use a cleanser at night. I have dry, red skin which is always playing up. I have super dry patches at the moment. The Evolu cleanser has amazing ingredients and sounds like something I would love to trial.

It's a chore that needs to be done daily and I don't like to spend my evenings with a face full of makeup so it's one of the first things I do when I arrive home st night clean my face of the days makeup it feels good to then have a fresh face to relax etc in my own space,a clean face is important saves on breakouts

I do a quick cleanse with a non-foaming face wash and konjac sponge in the mornings. In the evenings I hot cloth cleanse followed by a rose water toner to make sure all my make up is gone. I can't say I particularly enjoy doing it but I stick to it stringently. My skin is in the best condition it has ever been since I started hot cloth cleansing.

I've never tried Evolu before and have been playing around with different cleansers lately so would love to try this.

6th August, 2017 at 8:22 pm

I can't say cleansing is my favorite beauty chore...I still do it at least once a day along with toner and moisturizer as I have oily skin and if I don't cleanse my skin looks horrible. The botanical products in the Evolu cleanser seem really interesting, I've used products with Apricot extract before and I am a fan so it would be interesting to try this out in combination with the other botanical extracts in the cleanser!

Depending on what time of day and how much time I have will affect how much I enjoy or not the cleaning aspect. Morning is normally a foaming cleanser in the shower, sometimes followed by a mask/facial scrub, I like how the shower cleans the products from my face to leave no residue. At night is a cleanser with a warm cloth, I am currently alternating between cream and oil cleansers at present. I do top off with an enzyme mask or cleanser after that a couple of times a week too.

This sounds like such lovely product! I usually do try to take some time out to enjoy cleansing, rather than rushing it. Especially if I'm using a scrub, I like to give the granules plenty of time to exfoliate my skin. I'd love to give this cleanser a go because it just sounds so nice! I'm always on the hunt for new cream cleansers in particular since I find them more moisturising for my skin.

It's really good to know about the extra water and also not having to rub so much. I have the Goodness cream cleanser and I really like it. I do have sensitive skin however so it'll be interesting to hear what people make of the soothing St John's Wart in this cleanser.

I cleanse twice a day morning and night. I really want a cleansing brush to elevate my cleansing routine

I usually only cleanse once a day at the end of the day as part of my night time routine. I'ts usually quick so I can get into bed for some beauty sleep. I love the sound of all these ingredients and it sounds so dreamy , it might even help me sleep better.

I would say a bit of both. I do massage in a cream or oil cleanser and really try to get off as much gunk or leftover makeup out of my pores but when it comes to following up with a foaming cleanser I pretty much lather it up quickly and apply it in quick strokes and then rinse it off before it gets in my eyes. I cleanse my face about 3-4 times a day. Once in the morning with a cream cleanser, after exercise in the evening (I need to wash or wipe away the sweat and grime left after doing cardio) and then I'll double cleanse at night with an oil cleanser first and then a gel cleanser. I would like to trial this. I know this is the most popular product from Evolu and I would like to find out why. Is it because most people use a cleanser or is this one indeed an extra sensory experience to use?

I cleanse in the morning shower with Dove and double cleanse at night. I love a creamy cleanser. Being sensitive skinned my face responds well to them. I probably need to spend more time. This cleanser looks delicious. It is certainly on my "to try" list.

I never used to worry about cleanser too much but with my skin being dry and sensitive I have found it is a lot better if I cleanse thoroughly before applying serum and my skin is a lot better than it was. The ingredients especiall yCalendula Geranium and Apricot Extract make me feel quiet excited about this product and I would love to trial.

Cleansing is important to unclog the pores. I usually cleanse my face 2-3 times per day to prevent breakouts. I would love to try new cleansing products!


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