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Holy Hair, It's Humid Out There!

25 January, 2018 - 08:34pm by - Head Pixie | 89 Comments

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By BR Kellie

I know I bemoan my hair a lot around here. It is my least favourite feature and I have done and will continue to do everything I can to change that. Last year I was lucky enough to trial and fall in love with KMS' Tame Frizz regime, which does the most marvellous job of taking my fine but-lots-of-it semi-wavy semi-curly hair and turning it into this lush gentle wave of locks. BUT... even my beloved Tame Frizz can only do so much. It can handle winter humidity with ease, but this summer? Oh my giddy aunt. It's hotter than Keanu Reeves in Point Break. Or John Wick. It's been a summer where my brown halo has gone into overdrive. A summer to break out the big hair-styling guns. So what are our top tips for fighting the frizz when the mercury is sky-high and you feel like you're stepping out into a warm bath on the daily? Check these out.

First... yup... get a good shampoo, conditioner and hairstyling product. And as you know, I think KMS is the bizz. The shampoo and conditioner leave my hair feeling incredible, and work perfectly with the smoothing lotion - which you can use before styling if you're wanting to fancy up your hair, OR you can work it through and leave it to air dry. Either way, you're one step ahead when it comes to putting out the frizz fire.

Rubbing the heck out of your hair with a towel when drying it? Don't. It roughens up the hair follicle and can cause a case of the frizzies. Instead gently squeeze the water out, kind of like the way you might use a hand towel to squeeze excess water out of a blending sponge. One way to get excess water out of your hair with ease is to invest in a microfibre hair towel, like the one above, which is available from Acquisitions

Cut back on shampooing your hair. This is hard for me to write, as I've been, up until recently, a daily shampooer for most of my adult life. But rigorous shampooing can cause breakage and damage, which leads to the boof. Instead stretch out the days between shampooing with a little dry shampoo.

An oil can work wonders on your hair when it comes to keeping things looking smooth, and argan oil is universally loved by hair both thick and thin. Take a drop or two, warm it between our palms, then smooth it on, letting it seal the cuticle... then enjoy smoother, shinier hair.

Give it a squirt of hairspray. A little hairspray on a clean mascara wand of a teasing brush can smooth down the flyaways that form around your forehead. Some say it's best to look for an alcohol-free formula so that your hair isn't further dried out. Others say that's a big marketing ploy and by the time the alcohol reaches your head it has dissipated. Others say some alcohols in hairspray are fine, some aren't. Being a dirty old fence sitter - and a believer in experiementing and finding out what works for you - I say you be the judge!

Of course one way to ease the time spent styling is to wear your hair up. A bun is easy, fast and can be rocked in casual or chic styles. Or you can braid the front of your hair and pin it back into a pony or bun. Either way it can contain the majority of the frizz and you just have to work to calm the farm on your hairline area. 

Another tip I've learned - the hard way - is that there's no point fighting the hair you were born with on a humid day. I can straighten the bejeesus out of it and if there's water in the air - especially during summer - I'll be facing a hot mess an hour or so. So if your hair is curly, embrace the curls when the hygrometer is high, but work with them to keep them looking fab not frizzy.

The very last option - and possibly the easiest if you've nowhere to be in a hurry? Go with it. It's summer. We live in New Zealand. The place is awash with mismatched tan lines, jandals, burnt noses (naughty!) - so what's a bit of frizz among friends? 

So my beauties? Are you a frizzy fairy like yours truly? What are your tips and tricks for keeping the curlies and wavies from springing up like hands in the air at an outdoor summer's concert? You know the drill... sharing is caring!

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Frizzy and dry hair, the bain of my life. Trying all sorts of products to co bat this heat.

I can't help but shake my head at those that comment they wish they had curls, really after a week in this humidity you would want to shave it off, I know I have come close with the dog grooming clippers over the last week to just buzzing it off, labelling it a Britney Spears moment and living in a world where you can freely do things, like sleep without it in a bun or you will wake to a river encompassing your neck and throat, or the hair wrapped around the pillow like it doesn't want to be parted from it causing serious bed head. To not spend several hours talking yourself into washing it as it is so past needing to be done because once you have washed it, racked out enough hair from the tangles to create a wig for each of the seven dwarves then conditioned it, twice, you have to either coat it in heat defense and blow dry it out which takes forever or let it air dry which it really doesn't fully do until you are ready to wash it again lol. I wrap my hair in a cotton t-shirt after showering to keep frizz at bay, use serums and oils, refrain from washing it and still it is uncontrollable, seriously where did I put those clippers??

I have super curly hair which goes frizzy within minutes! Tying it up in a bun is the only way I can manage it, so I'm looking forward to trying some new haircare products when I get it cut in a few weeks.

I have super frizzy hair, but I also have difficulties with psoriasis of the scalp and oily hair.... I would love a product to help!!!

I have hair that ringlets and fizzy. .... i need to try everything lol

My hair is beyonceying right now and definelty not in a good way

I have frizzy and curly hair, especially when it's cut short and it doesn't have that weight needed to keep it under control... And the humidity this summer has been causing me all kinds of added strife! I can definitely recommend using a microfibre towel for drying hair, that is probably the thing that has helped me the most in improving the overall quality of my hair. I also only air dry my hair for the same reason. I am yet to find any miracle products to help me keep it healthy though... They are all either too heavy, too sticky or don't seem to make a difference at all!

My hair is so curly and frizzy - I hate it! I straighten my hair everyday religiously in summer and use serum, it seems to do the trick

I’ve had a bad perm back in August, my hair is so frizzy like it’s the end of the world, I’m trying to grow it all out, since the permed part of my hair will never recover, but until then I’m trying everything I can to smooth it down, I sadly have to use hair straighteners every time I wash my hair as otherwise I look like a lion. :(

I use Beology repair oil serum and L'oréal paris botanicals camelina smooth ritual cream to try and tame my frizz.

My hair is usually dry on the ends and oily at the scalp, at this time of the year, the ends turn to frizz. I am using Organix macadamia oil (excellent because you can use it on wet or dry hair) and a Kerastase colour riche reflection mask which seems to be getting it under control but I always like to try new products

I have naturally curly hair and I'm always on the hunt for good products to fight the frizz and keep my curls looking nice even in the most humid weather. Great tips on this article and I'll definitely be giving argan oil a go. Thanks!

I have been using "20 for you" by farma for a few months now and find it really good. the best product I have tried so far. if I put in my hair wet and comb and don't touch it with a dryer it actually doesn't frizz to much !

My hair is dry in Summer and plays above with me with the frizz! Nothing has tamed it perfectly without over oiling it. Need some new miracles for summer time fros that are not meant to be fros lol

I have very fine and curly hair and I have learnt to let it be. I recently bought a micro fibre hair wrap from the supermarket and I have noticed that it does help to retain my curls, it also makes it take a lot longer to dry which is very annoying as I take showers at night and can’t go to bed with wet hair. I have used a lush sea salt spray which is nice, but I think it’s more for people with thick hair.


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