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The Beauty Vault - April
The Beauty Vault - April

Do you go balmy for CLEANSING BALMS?

26 February, 2017 - 10:39pm by - First Lady | 151 Comments

Poll posted by Natalie

My relationship with make-up is love-hate.  Mostly love but occasionally I curse the twenty minutes I spent putting it on.  That happens when I'm taking it off.  I'm not talking about taking off the every-day look that consists of primer, mascara, lipstick and a swirl of bronzer.  I'm talking about the full face, evening look.  Eyeliner that's akin to permanent marker.  24 hour lasting lipsticks that would survive snogging Brad Pitt's face off.  

Some days it's hard to break up with your make-up.

A lot of the trouble with removing make-up comes from using the wrong make-up remover for the job.  (Or relying on a cleanser to do it all!).  Make-up remover wipes are great for light make-up.  Liquid removers will tackle medium-to-heavy coverage - it might take a bit of scrubbing though so you'll want to make sure you're using a soft cloth or cotton pad.  No scrubby flannels!

But if you ask us, the effective way to remove, well, any make-up really, but especially the full face, is also the most luxurious method - the balm cleanser / balm make-up remover.

You simply melt the balm between your fingers and massage over your dry face - even the delicate eye area.  No elbow grease required!  The balm turns into an oil that grabs dirt and grime and make up, making them easy to rinse away. Then using warm water and a soft cloth you wipe the balm (and your makeup) away.

The really, really cool thing about a cleansing balm is that it also hydrates and replenishes your skin, seriously, cleansing becomes moisturisings when you use a balm!  And if you're one of us oily skinned ladies - don't worry, just remember science - like attracts like.  So the oil in the balm removes excess sebum from your skin, without stripping it!

Today's trial product is one of Kellie's favourites - she chose it to put in the Staff Picks Best Beauty Box Ever for one reason.  It makes breaking up with your makeup easy peasy.  A clean break if you will.

Yes, today we're putting the call out for reviewers to put Goodness Break-Up Make-Up Balm to the test!  This balm speaks for itself.  No it really does, here's it's personal ad:

"I’m a slick-quickie at removing all sorts of make-up. With all the goodness of chia seed, coconut and avocado oils, your skin will be oh-so-clean and super soft."

This gorgeous balm is a vegan-friendly, lightweight, make-up remover.  It's full of botanical goodness, no-nonsense included and packed with Goodness' signature ingredient...chia seed oil.

Do you fancy putting it to the test?  Get chatting to us about all things balmy - have you used a cleansing or make-up removing balm before?  If not, how do you usually remove your make up?  How's that going for you?  Why do you want to try this goodie from Goodness?

Get chatting below!


Do you go balmy for CLEANSING BALMS?

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I didnt know what this was until i read about it! Sounds absolutely amazing!!! I use estee lauder makeup products and yeap that double wear foundation dosent wanna go some days! Haha. Would love to trial this product!

Never used one but interested to see how they would work.

I have never tried or even heard of this balm business I'm still using wipes! I must be missing out

I have not used a makeup cleansing balm before and would love to try this one. I have been currently using the Nivea Micellar Water which is very good.

I didn't even know cleansing balms existed?! Would love to try it as a lot of make up removers (especially wipes) can dry out and some even sting my sensitive skin. Cleanse and moisturise in one go..yes please.

I've never tried a make up remover thats a balm, defiantly got in the micellar water and face wipes! i find that these can leave your skin quite dry. Would defiantly be keen to try this out and see how it works for me!

I love goodness skincare products, especially the every week scrub and the night cream. I love that it is natural also. I have seen the clinique take the day off balm all over the internet and wanted to try it for a while however it is a little pricey. I would love to try this product!!!!

Yes I am a loyal fan of Trilogy everything balm and their makeup removing balm.

What a beautiful looking product! I love using natural skincare. I have tried Trilogy Makeup Be Gone Cleansing Balm last year and absolutely loved it. I would LOVE to try this Goodness Cleansing Balm. I wear makeup everyday to work, I find cleansing balms do an awesome job removing makeup and gentle on skin to use on a day to day basis. Thanks BR for this amazing opportunity!

I'd love to put Goodness Break-Up Make-Up Balm to the test. I've used Trilogy Makeup Cleansing Balm & it's really nice on your skin. Make's it soft & smells divine with Rosehip. So I'd like to compare the two :)

Would love to try a balm! I'm so over my face wash!

Oh, I'd love to try this. I've got combination skin. I think a balm would be perfect for removing the oil in the t-zone but adding softness to the dry areas. I've never used a balm or even heard of one for cleansing. Please, pick me for a trial team and I'll let you know how it worked for me in an honest and thorough review. Thank you :)

I love this Goodness cleansing balm!! I was lucky enough to get one of the MUO Beauty Boxes which featured this product as the one of many! It was the first time I tried a cleansing balm but wow I was blown away! It makes removing makeup a simple and easy task!

I've always seen these but never tried them! I feel as though it would be a really good way to remove makeup as it would really cleanse and get everything off. Would love to try

I have never tried these balms and would love to try :)


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