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The Beauty Vault - April
The Beauty Vault - April

Do you use an eye cream daily?

20 March, 2017 - 09:14pm by - First Lady | 129 Comments

Poll posted by BR Tabby

It has been said by many a wordsmith, that your eyes are the windows to your soul.  As lovely as that sentiment is, I'm guessing that these poets didn't look at our eyes after a heavy night or a tiring week.  They certainly wouldn't be seeing windows; more bags big enough to carry our groceries in.

If there's any part of your face that'll give the game away it's your eyes.  Whether you're tired, stressed, ill, dehydrated, hungover or just not tip-tip your eye area will show it.  Why?  We're glad you asked.

The skin around your eyes is fragile, more so than anywhere else on your face.  The thin skin is really prone to dryness.  Add to that the constant moving of your eyes, squinting and well, we hate to say it, smiling and your eyes also become the area of your face to age first, and more rapidly.  As if that's not enough - BAGS.  Sigh.

Determining what causes bags is dependent on your age - bags in your 20s are different from bags in your 50s.   Bags in young people can be caused by too much salt, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and water retention. It's obvious how to 'cure' these types of bags - sleep, exercise, eat well and drink lots of water.  Bags later in life are caused by aging.  As we age collagen levels decline and our skin loses it's elasticity and starts to sag.  There's only so much we can fight the aging process, but luckily there are products to help.  And a dedicated eye cream is a great place to start - and it's never too early to start using one.

We're putting Goodness twice-a-day eye cream to the test.   This soft, delicate and fragrance-free product is here to help make your eyes look and feel ah-mazing.  It has witch hazel extract (which is incredible for dark circles!), chia seed, coconut and avocado oil and is so light you'll be able to wear it under make-up without feeling overloaded with product!  

As the name suggests you use this product twice a day.  Use your little finger (it's the most gentle) and dab a dot around the eye area and up to the brow bone.

So, now's the time for you to get talking to us about all things eyes and eye cream.  Do you find your eye area gives away how you're feeling?  Do you use an eye cream?  Do you notice the difference if you don't?

Get chatting below!


Do you use an eye cream daily?

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Eye probably should. Big three oh this year

Youd think id have learned by now under eye bags look good on noone but I honestly wouldn't know where to start

I love my eye cream, I use Moreish its great :)

Having a new baby and minimal sleep means huge eye bags and puffy eyes! Thinking I most definitely need to start using something

Oh I need a good eye cream! Stressful job and two babies, this Mumma looks like the Walking Dead all day!

My eyes already have a few creases here and there! Would love to try this out!! :)

I'm obsessed with eye creams and always on the hunt for really good ones. I've lately been using the midnight recovery eye cream by khiels, I love it but it is very dear which makes my pocket unhappy. Would love to try something more affordable :)

Would love to try this product. Haven't ever found one that does all that us room used.

No... but I totally should! I have recently finally started being consistent about using a moisturiser daily, so I totally need to add an eye cream to this! Especially as I have that whole hideous 'dark circle' look going on, no matter how much sleep I get or how much water I drink!

I have used them, and my favourite was the origins eye cream. I used it once and a random person I worked with said something like "did you have a good sleep last night? You look really refreshed" and since then it was my go to. I don't have any atm and it is pretty pricey so I would definitely be keen to try this out and see how it compares.

I have very dark under eye circles and so far have found nothing that helps, I've heard that this is a great product so i would love to try it.

I have a big problem with bags under eyes and wrinkles round my eyes. I have tried a lot of different products and so far have not found any to help. Yes would like to try this please

I would love to try this. I always use an eye serum but am still to find one that I love. Saying that, I definitely notice when I don't use a cream or serum!! I have definite dark circles and puffiness these days that I would love to reduce, as well as bags and fine lines!!

I once bought an expensive eye cream which did not do what it said it would .. so I gave up. Now this article has left me doubting my decision. Would be awesome to try the goodness twice-a-day eye cream and see if I change my mind on my moisturizing routine.

After going to a pamper party (on a cruise ship) I realised how uninformed I was in the world of facial products. I have since purchased some new products. But the eye cream was in the too hard basket, would Love to give some try, crows feet are not my friend


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