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Sally Hansen Colour Therapy

Do you use an eye cream daily?

20 March, 2017 - 09:14pm by - First Lady | 127 Comments

Poll posted by BR Tabby

It has been said by many a wordsmith, that your eyes are the windows to your soul.  As lovely as that sentiment is, I'm guessing that these poets didn't look at our eyes after a heavy night or a tiring week.  They certainly wouldn't be seeing windows; more bags big enough to carry our groceries in.

If there's any part of your face that'll give the game away it's your eyes.  Whether you're tired, stressed, ill, dehydrated, hungover or just not tip-tip your eye area will show it.  Why?  We're glad you asked.

The skin around your eyes is fragile, more so than anywhere else on your face.  The thin skin is really prone to dryness.  Add to that the constant moving of your eyes, squinting and well, we hate to say it, smiling and your eyes also become the area of your face to age first, and more rapidly.  As if that's not enough - BAGS.  Sigh.

Determining what causes bags is dependent on your age - bags in your 20s are different from bags in your 50s.   Bags in young people can be caused by too much salt, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and water retention. It's obvious how to 'cure' these types of bags - sleep, exercise, eat well and drink lots of water.  Bags later in life are caused by aging.  As we age collagen levels decline and our skin loses it's elasticity and starts to sag.  There's only so much we can fight the aging process, but luckily there are products to help.  And a dedicated eye cream is a great place to start - and it's never too early to start using one.

We're putting Goodness twice-a-day eye cream to the test.   This soft, delicate and fragrance-free product is here to help make your eyes look and feel ah-mazing.  It has witch hazel extract (which is incredible for dark circles!), chia seed, coconut and avocado oil and is so light you'll be able to wear it under make-up without feeling overloaded with product!  

As the name suggests you use this product twice a day.  Use your little finger (it's the most gentle) and dab a dot around the eye area and up to the brow bone.

So, now's the time for you to get talking to us about all things eyes and eye cream.  Do you find your eye area gives away how you're feeling?  Do you use an eye cream?  Do you notice the difference if you don't?

Get chatting below!


Do you use an eye cream daily?

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Ba ha ha eye see what you did there lol :-)

Eye think you're very punny mumof3 :)

21st March, 2017 at 7:25 pm

Lol MareeB :-)

21st March, 2017 at 9:34 pm

Ooooh I've been eyeing (unintentional pun!) this one up recently and thinking it would be my next eye cream to try. Yes I do notice a difference if I don't use one and also between different brands. I've yet to find my holy grail so tend to use a different one each time I run out. Would love to trial this.

:o they have an eye cream!?!? amazing! im using a sample sized one of dermalogica, i don't know if its doing anything but it's not doing bad things (knock on wood!)

I've got to be perticular about my eye creams as my eye area is overly sensitive & can become irritable which ends up become something similar to burns. I I would normally only use a gel or oil but of recent say last few months discovered the Trilogy eye contour cream by chance it was a gwp & I say I can tell the benefits it has on my eye contour & lids I usually have wrinkled lids but those have disappeared since using the cream. I also can tell when I've skipped it in my routine because my eyes become dehydrated & baggy

My issue would be bags!! Ahhhhhh I loathe them. I don't use an eye cream but perhaps it is time to start.

I need to too !!

21st March, 2017 at 7:04 am

I'm in exactly the same boat!

29th March, 2017 at 12:27 pm

I haven't used a specific eye cream and just use serum however as I am an older person probably should take more care and would love to try this as to date I have found goodness products really good for my skin.

I don't get bags really so I sort of skip the eye cream. I've been told by many that you should still use it but I'm a bit slack - I just smodge my face moisturiser around my eyes!

Eyes have been my main concern . I'm looking for an eye cream to lift the bags under my eyes. I'm open to giving this a try.

Eye cream is the first thing that I put on my face every morning, essential! I rarely have issues with dark circles, but lines and puffiness is another story. I currently have 2 new eye creams on their way to me, gotta have the stuff.

Oh yeah, puffiness is annoying and hard to get rid of. I cover mine with concealer and foundation but I'm probably kidding myself!

21st March, 2017 at 9:46 pm

I just use a daily moisturiser around my eye area, and find that works quite well. Would be interested to see if an eye cream actually achieves anything different than a regular moisturiser would!

I always use eye cream but I've yet to find one that I feel makes a real difference to my dark circles under my eyes. These ingredients sound AMAZING and I've been impressed by other products I've tried from this brand, so I would love to try this eye cream!

I don't have an eye cream but do use my daily moisturizer under my eyes. Still find that I have quite bad bags under my eyes a lot of the time. I am only 24 so perhaps they are due to an incorrect diet or something like described here, but I'm not so sure. Would definitely be interesting to see whether this made a difference!

Yes I always use an eye cream - morning and night! I currently use the Kiehl's avocado eye cream which is my favourite one but it's definitely pricey. I've also tried the Morrish one. Would love to see how this one compares

After a comment from a beauty therapist years ago as a teenager about fine lines around my eyes, I have religiously started to use eye cream. I only use my products at night and although I have tried several, I haven't found one that is ground-breaking! This product appeals to me for its natural ingredients, as well as being a new product brand on the market that I am yet to try, but willing to support if they are good!

Eye use eye cream daily. I use an eye serum in the morning and an eye cream at night. I have used an eye cream in the day before but I find that if I'm wearing makeup it increases my chances of getting my eye makeup smudged if I wear heavier products there. If I don't get enough sleep I find the bags can carry more groceries. If I am better rested they don't show as much. If I don't use eye cream the eye area is more dry and so all the fine lines show much more especially after laughing and smiling. If I use an eye cream that area is more moist and elastic and allows for more movement. I would love to trial and review it.