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Do You Regularly Use False Eyelashes?

12 September, 2017 - 09:13pm by - First Lady | 55 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie

Spring is here, which means summer is in our sights, which means it's time to dust of the glad rags and start enjoying the long evenings.  And nothing sets off your evening make up more than a set of false eyelashes.

From subtle individual lashes to a complete lashline there's nothing like thicker, fuller, longer lashes to take your eye look to a new level.  Once you master how to apply them that is.  There is no doubt about it, applying false lashes can be a bit tricky.

So what's a girl to do? could try using individual lashes.  

I know, it sounds like it's going to be fiddlier, but, it's not!  With individual lashes you don't have to worry about lining up a strip across your lid and getting it flush to your lash line, you're working with a small section of lashes at a time, and can build up to the look you like.

We're putting the Eylure Pro Lash Individual Lashes to the test.  These are SEMI PERMANENT, flared style lash inserts for added fullness. You can use a few at the corners of the eye for a subtle look or as many as you dare for super-full lashes! This kit contains 17 flares of short, medium and long length lashes, long last adhesive and removing solution.

Other than total creativity over your look, for me, I'm crazy excited by the fact that once applied these babies will stay in place for up to two weeks!  Say whaaat?!

So are falsies already part of your party look?  Maybe you even use them to add oomph to your day-to-day make up? Do you use strips or individual lashes?  Or maybe you've just not mastered the art of applying them yet?  What do you think about semi permanent lashes you can do yourself?

So if you're up for faking it for us get chatting below!

Do you find it easy to apply false eyelashes?

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I'm so into this! Fakie sets are always a hassle so I hardly wear em + they only last a night. But I'd love to try these. Also very interested in the fact that they stay in for a long time :-)

I'd love to try these! I've been considering magnetic lashes but they didn't get good reviews would love to try fake lashes never worn before

I never tried false lashes but I would love to try these. What fun I have plenty of time on my hands at the moment and i would love to use it trying perfecting the use of beauty products then giving an honest opinion on them Boy would I like to try these lashes please.

In all honesty, I've never used fake lashes and don't know how ....

Wow, I would love to give these a go! I'm all about strip lashes, my favourites are the 'Glam by Manicare' range. But I've never tried individual, semi-permanent lashes before - these would definitely make my mornings a lot faster. Fingers crossed I get picked to trial this, sounds perfect for me!

I use a great lash serum [FLash] right now and have awesome lashes so will pass on this trial, looking forward to some awesome lash pics though

FLash is awesome:) x

14th September, 2017 at 9:55 pm

I don't use them. My eyesight isn't flash and I'm scared of stabbing myself in the eye or gluing my eyes closed!

He he same x

14th September, 2017 at 9:55 pm

I gave up wearing false lashes years ago. I decided life's too short to be faffing around with them.

I love the look of false lashes on other people but I find it too difficult to put on my self

There was no in between vote hahaha. I'd love to give these ago! They sound like there are imbetween false lashes and lash extensions. Either way I'm excited for the reviews on this product!

I have to confess I have never worn false lashes. I keep meaning to try them but I never feel brave enough. I worry they will look silly. These individual lashes look good though. Less intimidating.

Not for me but looking forward to seeing pics

I only use false lashes for when I am dressed up in costume but had individuals on my wedding day... I do like the individuals for being more natural looking but I haven't ever applied them myself

Sounds perfect to me. I'm not a huge fan of full lash line falsies. They never look exactly as I'd like. But a more subtle look that doesn't have to be lined up as much and that I don't have to remove every night sounds fantastic.

I have never used but like the look -Individual ones sound better as you could just add enough to get the ideal look .


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