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BIO OIL - Does the Beauty Crew rate it or hate it?

24 July, 2017 - 10:21pm by - First Lady | 36 Comments

Bio Oil - it's one of those things.  If you check out the reviews it's a pretty divisive product.  The Marmite of beauty if you will.  You love it, or you hate it.  And yet it's also fair to say, it's achieved cult status.  So we thought we better give it a go.

Merilyn - Founder, CEO, Queen.

God I HATE doing this! Hate HATE not loving (or even liking) a product that seems to have such a cult following and that clearly many many people do like…but...I Just.Can’t.Bond.With.It!

It claims to helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It is also said to be effective for ageing and dehydrated skin.

Well to me it smelt really ‘soapy’ and yes ok it’s an ‘oil’ but it just sort of sat on my skin and didn’t really absorb very quickly.  I didn’t feel I could just rub it into my skin as is as I really wanted to just rub it off.

So I did what I did with a lot of body oils which was to use it in the shower. So step out of the water, rub it in, then go back under the shower and let the water penetrate it into my skin.

To be fair that made it a better experience for me but i’m still not sold. Sorry to all those Bio Oil fans out there, I won’t be joining you. 

Natalie - First Lady.

Look, I'm not going to claim I'm an all-natural, home grown kind of gal.  If science can do something better, I'm all for it.  But Bio Oil?  After trying it with an open mind it just irks me for so many reasons.  Settle in, there's a rant ahead.

Bio implies, to me anyway, nature, life, something living.  So I was hoping for I dunno, a plant oil or something.  Yet upon reading the ingredients, Bio Oil is essentially Mineral Oil - liquid paraffin, a petroleum distillate; the bi-product of oil refinery.  Natalie usually doesn't do petro chem, she especially doesn't slather herself in it twice daily.  So, possibly through no fault of its own, we got off on the wrong foot.  

Now according to their website, mineral oil, being oxygen-free, allows the plant extracts and vitamins to retain their potency.  But the problem is, Bio Oil didn't easily absorb into my skin, in fact it just sat on top.  So it's probably blocking pores and creating a watertight barrier, which in turn would dehydrate the skin, right?  And yet, by golly gosh does it soak into clothing!  Do not wear merino on top of Bio Oil.  Seriously.  

I think me and Bio Oil were destined to not get along when I read the ingredients list. 29 ingredients.  From what I can tell (and I'm not an ingredients expert by the way) the second ingredient (the first being Mineral Oil) is there to make the mineral oil penetrate the skin more.  Four of the ingredients are botanicals, which makes the other 23 are fragrance and fillers.  So other than mineral oil is there anything with enough concentration to, firstly penetrate the skin and secondly have enough potency to make a difference? 

My experience of Bio Oil is simply - it did nothing but stain some clothing and make me feel super greasy.  No skin changes, no impact on scarring or stretchies.  I didn't feel good using it and I didn't enjoy the thought of using it.  Why would I use 29 quite random ingredients when I could reach for my Rosehip Oil and reap the benefits of one kick ass ingredient that absorbs beautifully and works?  

Kellie - Head Pixie

I like to think I’m quite generous in my feelings and reviews about beauty products. Often I can see how something that’s not right for me can be good for someone else, I mean it’s not like we’re all created from the same cookie cutter. However every now and then I try a product that does so little… nay, nothing… that I wonder how it’s so popular.

Bio Oil is one of those products. It claims to help improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars and uneven skin tone. On paper that sounds like the product for me! I have stretch marks on my hips and thighs due to an eating-all-my-feelings growth spurt in my teenage years. I have scars from squeezing zits on my face. (SO NAUGHTY!). And uneven skin tone due to spending time in the sun when I was a youngster. (Again with the naughty...)

 So the interest was real when it came to reviewing this product… I prefer not to apply oils to my face in the morning (Pixie quirk) so applied this every night. Three weeks later I hadn’t seen any reduction in scars or uneven pigment and my thighs were as snail-traily as ever. My face broke out a bit, but my thighs felt moisturised, which is nice. That being said paying the price of Bio Oil for moisturised thighs isn’t worth it – not when I can buy cheaper and just as effective methods of moisturisation from the supermarket.

All in all this was one of those rare disappointments, and I wouldn’t feel right recommending it to anyone.

Okkkkk, well, safe to say Bio Oil isn't a hit with the Beauty Crew - have you tried it?  What did you think?  Share your Bio Oil experiences below!


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I used this while pregnant and after with my first, it didn't help me at all. I did use to also use it on my face, it worked nicely for me because I have dry skin but I couldn't get any on my partners face or he would break out! I also hated how the ads would never show before and afters? I think with the abundance of oils on the market these days, you can find a much better product than bio oil.

I bought it years ago and I didn't notice any differences. When I found out it wasn't actually organic or nice to the planet etc I went off it in a huge way. I would go so far as to say false advertising as the word "bio" certainly does not suggest "oil industry by-product" to me

One really has to commit to the months long journey that bio oil claims to work under, but I never see any progress! The scar on my knee and stretch marks are just here to stay it seems.

I had a scar on my knee too, Bio Oil didn't do a thing to help it :(

25th July, 2017 at 12:18 pm

I have very dry skin so I found it is good on my skin and absorbs well. Not my favourite product but my skin always feels soft and moisturised so I feel it is worth using.

I used Bio oil during the whole course of my pregnancy with my oldest child and after and my stretch marks are are still there. All my family members reccomended it to me too.

Gosh I used this 14 years ago to help rid me of all my stretch marks and it definitely helped reduce them. I did love the product but that is because I don't particularly like oil products incase they they ages to absorb

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks this product is a rip off. Yes the ingredient list is full of naughties and yes there are far more effective products on the market to help reduce scars.

Try a Vitamin C serum or Rose Hip Seed Oil instead.

I used this through one pregnancy and coconut oil through the other. I've still got hella stretch marks!!

Can't say I'm the biggest fan. I used to use it on my hands to prevent my skin cracking but once I had those cracks the oil didn't seem to help. And since then I've found other products that work so much better for this. I have heard people suggest it for new tattoo care, but after knowing the ingredient list I now don't think it's a good idea to use it on any open 'wounds' at all.

My thoughts too Nat. No, I didn't buy it but I read the ingredients and I think it was basically mineral oil renamed and I knew I wouldn't give any of those high claims that it advertised on the box. Mineral oil doesn't really have the ability to do that. And given the price for a cheap bi- product of oil refinery I couldn't justify the price, it's a rip off. There are cheaper better options like sweet almond oil which doesn't cost much and actually soaks in if you can't afford rosehip.

As others have said, I never had any luck with bio-oil. The first time I used it I bought it when I was in Australia as I had never heard of it before but it was advertised as a relief for eczema sufferers. I also used it during my pregnancy with my first child and then after the fact learned of the nasty ingredients and was told it shouldn't be used during pregnancy, even though their advertising at the time suggested to use it then. I still ended up with pretty bad stretch marks and I never found it soothed or really seemed to moisturise my skin either and it left a residue. It never helped my eczema or to fade scars or stretchmarks afterwards. I prefer a natural oil like rose hip or many other natural oils and creams that are available now. I think bio-oil was a bit of a fad item with great advertising. Possibly one of the first beauty oils out? But certainly not the best in my mind.

I bought it to use on my upper chest area that has seen far too much sun in my life, hoping that it would help put some moisture back into the skin and even out the skin tone, used it religiously for months and saw zero improvement. Also bought it for my daughter as she had some scarring on her arm, zero change there to. Maybe it works for some people but certainly not us.

Omg, I thought I was the only one who didn't like Bio Oil! So glad to hear other ladies dislike it too. I was recommended this product years ago to help with acne scarring, but it honestly just made my face horribly oily. Definitely not a fan of this product, although glad it works well for some people.

I've used bio oil for my scars and stretch marks for at least 6 months and there was no change or difference

I think bio oil seems to be a bit over rated.


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