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Beauty Vault FAQ's

18 April, 2015 - 11:43am by - BR-Queenie | 14 Comments

The Beauty Vault

The Beauty Vault is our rewards sale where you can spend the points you've been earning by reviewing products and interacting with us on the site.

Imagine the best beauty sale ever - then imagine the products were free!  That's the Beauty Vault!

How often will you be opening the Beauty Vault?  We'll be running a rewards sale three to  four times a year - so if you don't make this one, think of it this way - you'll have even more points to spend at the next one!

Who can buy from the Beauty Vault?  The Beauty Vault is open to all members who have been registered with Beauty Review for 6 weeks and have a minimum of 500 Beauty Points.  As per the site T&Cs you'll need to be aged 18 or older.  There's lots of ways to earn points.  The easiest?  Raid your makeup bag and review products you own.  Other ways:  Add and review a salon.  Get chatting on the forum.  Most of all...Get reviewing! 

Why can't I buy from the Beauty Vault?  The Beauty Vault only opens for purchasing four times a year - but it's open for browsing all year round.  Keep your eye on the Beauty Vault timer to find out when the Beauty Vault next opens - and get reviewing to earn even more points to spend!

Do I need to pay anything?  The only thing you need to pay for is the shipping. The shipping costs will be: 3 items or less $14.00 4-6 items $17.00, 7 items or more $20.00

How do I pay? Is it safe?  Of course - we would never compromise our members security!  We will be using Paystation for payments - so you can use your credit card to pay just like any other secure site.

Upon checking out you will be redirected to the payment gateway.  Once you have completed your payment, you MUST wait until you are returned to the Beauty Vault before exiting your browser.  If you submit your payment and don't wait to be redirected the order will not be logged with us and you will not receive your products!

I don't have enough points for something I really want - can I top up? YES!  But,  you will need to have at least 90% of the points needed for a product to top up.  The system will progressively take your available points as you add products to your cart, then when you go to pay, it will let you know if there is any top up required. If you do not have at least 90% of points to pay for your order, you will need to drop some products from your cart.

How are prices worked out?  Basically we're going to exchange your BR points in to dollars, so 10 points will equal $1.  The RRP of the product will determine how many points it's worth.

Won't people with lots of points be able to really stock up?  BR is all about fairness and so we're limiting purchases to strictly 1 of each individual product  per person and with high value item such as fragrance only one fragrance in total can be purchased per member per vault.

What kind of products will we be able to buy? Well you'll just need to wait and see, we will be opening the store for a "preview" a few days before the opening, where you can check out the product and plan your purchases.

This sounds too good to be true - are the products genuine? Pffft! How could you even ask?  Just like the products we send you to trial, all of the products in the Beauty Vault are sourced from approved NZ distributors. 

Can we review the products we buy? Of course!  All of the products in the Beauty Vault will be on the site ready to review!  And you'll earn 15 points for the next rewards sale!

How long will delivery take? 14 - 21 working days.

What happens if my product doesn't arrive or arrives broken? You need to contact us urgently  Unfortunately we have a finite amount of product available, so it will be unlikely that we will be able to send you a replacement. If your product arrives damaged, email us a photo and we will refund your shipping and credit back your points.  If your product does not arrive,  we will track and trace any missing packages to see if they can be located. In the event of them not being located, we will refund your shipping and credit back your points.

Any other questions? Email us at




  1. The Beauty Vault can only be accessed by Beauty Review members with at least 500 Beauty Points, who have been members for 6 weeks, as of 9am vault day.

  2. The Beauty Vault is open to members aged 18+ as per our website T&Cs.

  3. Your Review Superhero, Hero or Review Expert status badge needs to be visible on your profile for you to qualify.

  4. In the even of a dispute regarding eligibility to participate in the Beauty Vault the final decision on eligibility will rest with Beauty Review administrators.
  5. Entry to the Beauty Vault is a privilege not a right. Beauty Review reserves the right to refuse entry to the Beauty Vault for any reason. 

  6. Members will need to log in with their Beauty Review username and password

3.  Product

  1. There is limited number of product available. Available quantities are indicated beside each product.

  2. When the available quantity of each product is exhausted a “sold out” sign will appear on the product indicating there is none left.

  3. Availability is strictly first come, first served and Beauty Review takes no responsibility for your desired product being out of stock.

  4. Stock availability is correct at time of loading, this may change due to other members purchasing before a user has checked out.

  5. All stock is sourced from authorised New Zealand distributors.

  6. Every effort has been made to accurately describe the products available however Beauty Review takes no responsibility if products differ slightly from their images and descriptions.

  7. Product quantities are limited in general to one (1) product per item per member, although members may purchase as many different products as their points allow. Some products may have higher purchasing thresholds.

4.  Pricing:

  1. All stock in the vault is priced in beauty points that indicate the amount of points required to “purchase” each product.

  2. There is also a beauty dollar price beside each product in $NZ.

  3. Each $NZ beauty dollar = 10 beauty points

5. Points:

  1. Beauty Review points are to be exchanged for beauty products in the Beauty Vault.

  2. Beauty Points are earned through interacting on Beauty Review in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of Beauty Review. Beauty Review reserves the right to deduct membership points for false reviews, or reviews that do not meet the standard and criteria of the site.

  3. Any suspicisions of accuring points in bad faith shall be investigated by Beauty Review.  We reserve the right to remove points in these matters.
  4. Spending beauty points in the Beauty Vault does not impact your Beauty Review status.

  5. Membership points available to spend will be as each members points status at 8.59 am on the date of the vault opening. Points accrued after this time will be unable to be used on the day.

6.  Purchasing goods in the Beauty Vault:

  1. As members select products to add to their cart, the system will deduct the points from their beauty points total until their points total is depleted.

  2. Members are required to have a minimum of 90% of the total points required for to complete the purchases of what is in their cart.

  3. Members are permitted to make a monetary 'top up' of no more than 10% of the total cost of their selected order (excluding shipping).  This amount (if any) is determined by the system during checkout prior to completing the transaction, and is based on the amount of products being purchased.

  4. The amount required to “top up” is calculated on the difference between the total cart value in beauty points less the amount of beauty points the members has and then converted into beauty dollars by dividing by 10.

  5. If the member does not have enough Beauty Points to account for 90% of the transaction cost then they will need to remove product from their cart until they have a minimum of 90% of the points required.

Example 1.

  • Products to the value of 1000 points are placed in the cart

  • The member has 900 points available to spend

  • The difference between the available points and the required points is 100 points. (10%) of the order.

  • The outstanding difference (100 points) is converted to beauty dollars by dividing by 10. 100/10 = 10.

  • The member may make a monetary “top up” of $10 to cover the missing points and to secure their total order.

Example 2.

  • Products to the value of 1000 points are placed in the cart

  • The member has 800 points available to spend

  • The difference between the available points and the required points is 200 points. (20%) of the order.

  • The member does not have enough points (90%) to complete the transaction even with a monetary “top up” and must remove some of the products in their cart.

7.  Payment

  1. PayStation will process payment for top up amounts and shipping on a secure server. Beauty Review will not have access to any personal information pertaining to bank accounts, for example card numbers.

  2. Any refunds of shipping and top up amount will be debited back to the member’s credit card via PayStation.

  3. The reference on your credit card will be Beauty Review Ltd

8.  Shipping:

Postage & packaging:

  • The shipping costs will be: 3 items or less $14.00 4-6 items $17.00, 7 items or more $20.00

  • Large items will incur a surcharge, charged per large item.  This will be detailed on the checkout page.

  • All shipping costs quoted are inclusive of GST


  1. Product will be shipped within New Zealand only.

  2. No shipment will be made to PO Boxes.

  3. Members are responsible for ensuring that their shipping address is correct. If a product is returned to Beauty Review, the member will be required to pay any further costs to have the product redelivered.

9.  Returns & Damages

  1. Due to limited stock and hygiene reasons there is a no exchange policy

  2. In the event of a product having to be returned, we will refund the postage and refund the user's account with the appropriate Beauty Review points.

  3. Damages - Please contact us before returning any products - If a product arrives damaged please send a description of the damage and photo evidence to

10.  Non-Delivery:

  1. We will be using Courier Post and expected delivery times are 2 - 5 working days of being collected from our premises.

  2. If you haven't received your product after 5 working days of DISPATCH please contact us at and a track and trace of your parcel will be implemented.  If a 'lost in the post' situation is determined we will refund the postage and refund the user's account with the appropriate Beauty Review points.

11.  Website Issues:

  1. Beauty Review accepts no liability for any unforseen technical issues that may arise due to the high traffic and heavy demand placed on the site on the day. We have taken diligent measures to prevent such issues.   Any unforeseen problems will be attended to in a timely manner, but will not affect the opening hours or other rules of the vault

  2. If you experience any issues on the day please contact us at This email address is monitored diligently and a prompt response can be expected.

12.  Other.

  1. With respect to any materials you submit or make available for inclusion on the Site (for example 'unboxing' videos, photos or reviews) you grant Beauty Review a perpetual, irrevocable, non-terminable, worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license to use, copy, distribute, publicly display, modify, create derivative works, and sublicense such materials or any part of such materials.
  2. All products in the Beauty Box are legitimate products sourced from local NZ distributors.  Beauty Review is not responsible for any adverse reactions to products in the Beauty Box. No refunds will be given in the instance of an adverse reaction.  Should you experience an unwanted reaction we recommend you discontinue use immediately.  If you'd like to provide feedback on a reaction please email and we'll pass your feedback on to our supplier.

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Fully excited and can't wait.

Thanks BR! Can't wait!

Gosh I was so upset my spark went off and I couldn't connect to the Internet , I was so looking forward to the vault and had picked out what I wanted. Oh well looks like I have to wait another 115 days.

Awesome info , thanks ladys :)

Any idea why the vault opening has just gone from 11 days away, to 45 days away? Waah!

So excited for this! My first time participating in a Beauty Vault. Cannot wait :-)

What an awesum idea!

Is the vault going to open early for superhero's and hero's this time?

Yeah I was wondering that too.... the dates on the FAQ are the Dec ones...? BR lovelies, what say you?

21st April, 2015 at 11:22 pm

Good point will this be updated in the coming week?

12th July, 2015 at 12:22 am

Can't wait for Saturday, thanks BR lovelies. I was also wondering the same thing about vault times, is it the same for all members xxx Thanks so much for another wonderful opportunity xxx

How many times can you purchase from the vault in a day? I've read through all of the info but haven't seen anything about it

Pretty sure you pay additional postage if you put another order through, although I could be wrong and with the Hero Perk I am not sure how that would work :/

21st May, 2016 at 11:47 am

Exactly my question . What if I buy one thing pay then have points left see something else available purchase that ND a few more are then both purchases combined& 1 postage is paid for or is it two different orders & postage ?

12th July, 2015 at 12:22 am

I was so looking forward to my first Beauty Vault, but couldn't seem to add stuff and get into my cart to purchase :( BUT that just gives me more points to spend for the next one!! Yahoo!!! Roll on August!


So looking forward to redeeming my points!

Ahhhhh I really wish my points were up in Oct when the vault opened. Now the things I want are sold out :(


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