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Are You Ready To Rock The Rachel?

10 September, 2017 - 09:44pm by - Head Pixie | 21 Comments

By BR Kellie

Kellie Confession: I had 'The Rachel' haircut in the mid-late 90s. I rocked up to a fancy salon, I showed the super cool stylist an image of Jennifer Aniston in all her voluminous hair glory, and I walked out of that place an hour later feeling a millions bucks, rocking big bouncy hair that I couldn't style to look like that ever again so went back to shoving my hair in buns and ponytails. But for one day I felt all shades of Friends fabulous.

It wasn't just Aniston's character's hair in the show that I admired, it was her whole aestheic. The clothing was effortlessly cool, then morphed into chic but simple sophistication as the show wore on. Her hair post-TheRachel cut was totaally wantable. And her makeup? Well it wasalways so simple, so natural, so girl next door. And now we can get a bit of it on our face.

Jennifer Aniston was recently interviewed by Glamour and during the interview she spoke about her go-to lipstick on Friends. And guess what? It's still around! Check it out...

Helloooooo MAC Paramount. A gorgeous brick red shade, that can come off as a touch brown in true 90s style. Best of all it's still available to buy (I checked the Farmers website), and it would seem I can take my Rachel appreciation, and my inner 90s love, to a whole new level. (Once I finish my no-makeup-buy - and yes that's still going good as gold despite the Wet n Wild release and a trip to Mecca. The force is strong in this one.)

So will you be rocking this shade of lippy now that it gets the Jennifer Aniston tick of approval? Do you think it's time The Rachel haircut had a comeback? Or do you think if it came from the 90s it needs to stay in the 90s? Chat away!

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Wow, I didn't really notice she was wearing lippie - it looks so natural.

Ooh I'll have to check this out. It's a darker colour than I expected Rachel to wear

Tbh for me that has just dated that lip colour for me and I now wouldn't buy it because I wouldn't want to look like I missed the fashion boat by 20 years! Silly, I know, because it looks a very wearable shade.

Coincidentally my name is also Rachel! Don't think I'll be getting this shade though as I already have quite a few similar shades.

I love this colour -lovely depth and would go with colours I wear.

She always looked great, but then again she probably had several people to help her before shoot... and with the cameras and lights I'm not sure the lipstick would still look the same on someone in real life. So I am dubious, but it's still exciting. The fact that it was one of her favourites rather than just a make up artist's favourites is promising.

I used to wear some 90's brownish reds. I prefer pinky and berry shades of red now.

It's such a 90's shade, though I actually have a similar shade today that I wear occassionally. Not sure if it should make a comeback or whether it should just be a classic.

Oh love it! I like the natural look of it. Will definitely check it out

Might have to pop to MAC and give this one a try

I used to love her hair. I think she is gorgeous.

Totally stunning

18th September, 2017 at 7:29 am

Love it! Such an effortlessly cool shade.

It's hard not to love Rachel. I thought that shade was Gerard 1995 . I can't believe it's a red lol

Such a natural looking lippy. Nice shade too. Awesome that you can still purchase it. Not sure if its my shade though lol.

I totally got the Rachel cut too ;) I like the sound of that lipstick - although it might be too warm for me.


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