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Yay Laybuy

Are you looking to extend the life of your regrowth?

10 October, 2017 - 09:40pm by - First Lady | 23 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Who doesn't love that freshly coloured hair vibe?  You feel like a new woman - beautiful, confident and hot.

Fast forward four weeks and chances are your starting the 'hide the roots' game.  Maybe you change your parting or try to distract from the regrowth with cute accessories like headbands or head scarves.  Or maybe you just give in, pull your hair back in to a pony tail and there it remains until the next salon visit.

There are two types of hair colourers - those that religiously stay on top of their regrowth, having a standing appointment at the salon; and those that leave the salon with the promise of "I'll book in nearer the time".  If you're the second type, come on, 'fess up, you know you won't book in at 6 weeks, or even 8 weeks.  For whatever reason, be it time or money or other, you will push your regrowth to the max, until you absolutely have to have it coloured for fear of being mistaken for a wildling.

Check out this nifty trial product which might just be the answer to looking fab in spite of regrowth or even grey hairs!

We're putting Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher to the test.   This is perfect for covering up regrowth or those sneaky grey hairs when you need to look fabulous, fast.  It offers the ideal solution in those moments between your next salon appointment or colour treatment. 

Applying it is really easy too - simply use the ultra-precise colour applicator along the part and visible hairlines, letting it dry for 30 seconds.  Goodbye regrowth! The formula is lightweight and contains micro-fine mineral cosmetic pigments that won’t leave you with an oily touch to your hair.  And as it’s only temporary, Root Retoucher will wash out in your next shampoo.  

We're looking for reviewers to put their regrowth on the line and take this out for a spin - are you game?

If this sounds like a product you'd love to try take our super quick survey telling us what colour hair you have and what your regrowth is like! 

And why not chat to us below about all things regrowth - are you a religious touch-er-upp-er, or are you known to rock the band until it's wide enough to be consider ombre?!

Are you looking to extend the life of your regrowth?

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My hair seems to be naturally grey and white these days. This means I am dying it on a regular basis. My hairdresser can't get over how quickly my hair grows.

I have to dye my hair every 3 weeks because of so much grey, so am always after excellent root-touch-ups! Can't wait to try this, trial or no :)

I would love to trial this. I colour my hair every 3 weeks -I have tried WOW but that was not a viable option and made my scalp itchy . I have ready some comments in Forum about Roots and I would love to trial this.

looks great, but I have to admit to liking watching my greys grow and finally have about 70% of my hair natural colour.

I've definitely found myself making excuses for regrowth, or trying to ignore it altogether until it's approaching ombre... Not turning grey yet, but when the streaky golden blonde turns to dishwasher blonde/brown, it's a bit obvious. I'm trying to be better since I had a really nice dye job done at the salon, but it's starting to show and I've turned to the ponytail!

It does not look like they have one for my new bright red hair!

Aah this sounds fab! Im currently wanting to go back to having red hair but I find it so hard to maintain so if I had a simple easy product like this I will definitely go back to me red yes please Beauty review

I don't get greys. Just the odd white strand once in a while. Goodluck to this who get on this trial .

I don't qualify since I've never permanently dyed my hair.

Yes please! I need this in my life right now. I have so much stuff going on and no time to even think about colouring my hair. Never tried anything similar before.

super keen. grey naturally and my hair grows so fast i have to dye it once every two weeks. I need this

yes I know the feeling -Ido mine every 3 weeks but really needs doing at that point.

14th October, 2017 at 5:16 pm

This sounds like a good product to own!

I have been getting blonde highlights for many years. I normally get my roots done every 6-8 weeks- but I’m trying to extend that to 8-10 weeks. This is to try and save my damaged hair and save $$$$. However the last month before getting my roots done is hell. I love the thought of trying this product to hopefully make the last month before my re colour more bearable.

Totally on same page as you-It must be better for our hair not to colour too often

15th October, 2017 at 10:52 am

i have grey hair, and honestly the more grey hair i get the quicker i need to re dye it, and im actually getting sick of it, but being 34 im not yet ready to be full grey, would love to try this to lengthening my time between needing a re do

I have a standing 4 monthly appointment. I stretch it out as long as I can- but it's really too far apart and I spend at least the last 6 weeks looking like trash


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