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Sally Hansen Colour Therapy
Sally Hansen Colour Therapy

About Beauty Review.

Beauty Review is New Zealand's largest beauty website - we're the place to head to to find out if a beauty product is worth investing in.  You'll never have to make a bad beauty buy again!  And of course, that also makes us the place to head to to share your thoughts, opinions and tips on beauty products you've used!

Now there's heaps more to BR than just reviews - reward points, free full sized products, competitions, beauty news, beauty how-tos, beauty forums and much more. The best way to discover all we have to offer is to jump right in.  

How to 'do Beauty Review' in 4 steps.

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3.  Every review you place earns you Beauty Points to spend in the next Beauty Vault.

The Beauty Vault opens four times a year, but you can browse it at any time!

4.  There really is no catch.  Get invited, accept a spot and we'll courier you the full sized product for free, in exchange for a well written review!

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Behind the Scenes at BRHQ.

Beauty Review is run by a dedicated and beauty obsessed team, fueled by passion, Diet Coke and Skittles.  

We're a crew of real Kiwi women (and one Pom) based in Auckland, New Zealand.  Our staff of writers, product discoverers, designers, and editors are dedicated to making Beauty Review not simply the biggest beauty website in New Zealand - but the best. 

The Beauty Crew are always happy to answer your questions, to help you get the most from the site or to simply chat beauty (or Netflix) with you.  

So if you want to get in touch, don't be shy.  We're only an email, FB post or Tweet away!